Racer X Illustrated

June 2011

In the Racer X Illustrated June 2011 issue, you can grab more info on the latest SX season, the Bel-Ray/Chad Reed partnership, and Jeremy McGrath's baja journey. Also in this issue, check out Florida practice facilities, Christophe Pourcel's return to MX, and how Joe Gibbs Racing celebrated the launch of Gran Turismo 5. These and more are featured in the June issue of RXI, and the digital edition is now available for only $7.98! That is just 66 cents per issue, and it still contains the same great columns and features. Click here to go to Racer X Digital and read the new issue right away for only $7.98 or to preview the issue for free.

    It’s always easy to give safe, PR-approved answers when the recorders and notebooks are out, but that’s never been Ping’s style. Our fastest staffer tackles a dozen big ones. Page 118.
    Once one of the sport’s most prominent companies, Bel-Ray had let its presence slip. But when Chad Reed needed a partner for his new team, the two paired up and hit the comeback trail together. Page 134.
    Seven-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath took the scenic route through Mexico’s coastal countryside, and lucky for us, he kept a journal of his trip. Page 148.
    Flowers are blooming, snow is melting, and motocrossers are heading to their Florida practice facilities. It must be springtime! Page 160.
  • MY WAY
    After sitting out the AMA Supercross tour without a ride, Christophe Pourcel is preparing to return to competition this summer, and he’s doing it on his own terms. Page 172.
  • 2xFOUR
    Joe Gibbs Racing-backed motocrossers and NASCAR drivers took on some unfortunate journalists behind both steering wheels and game consoles to celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo 5. Page 186.