Racer X Illustrated Supercross Magazine

The February 2009 Issue

In the February '09 issue of Racer X Illustrated, you can read about the many changes made to the Paris-Bercy Supercross, as well as James Stewart being chosen for RXI's Rider of the Year. Also, the infamous work station for factory teams, I15, is closely examined by Steve Matthes. Check out those features and the others listed below in our latest issue! If you are ready to read the issue right now, subscribe to the digital edition for immediate access.

Tourist, First Class
Twenty-five versions of the prestigious Paris-Bercy SX came and went before James Stewart committed to the race. Once he did, the promoters rolled out the red carpet for the fastest, most popular SX racer. Page 122.
The Office
Southern California residents might be sitting in Interstate 15 traffic on the way to the office, but for the factory motocross teams, it's the artery along which the hard work is done. Page 134.
My Time
It was clear a couple seasons ago that James Stewart was no longer having fun on his dirt bike, but that's all changed. Steve Cox explains how his resurgence made him the 2008 Racer X Rider of the Year. Page 148.
It Happened One Night
The 1985 Rodil Cup race should have been a great moment for supercross but turned into a global embarrassment. Steve Matthes and Davey Coombs give us a history lesson on the night the sandbaggers won. Page 166.
Nowhere Man
Growing up in Iowa, Justin Brayton seriously considered a career in rodeo. Fortunately for the Muscle Milk/MDK KTM team, he focused his attention on dirt bikes and is now poised to break through in 2009. Page 166.
The Odd Couple
Former AMA pro David Pingree and former AMA pro mechanic Steve Matthes geared up and headed to the World Vet Championships. After recalling the weekend, we got a contrast in motocross as well as comedy. Page 208.