Racer X Illustrated Motocross Magazine

The October 2010 Issue

Read the Racer X Illustrated Digital Edition! The October issue of Racer X Illustrated is unlike any issue you've ever read. Throughout this edition, you’ll see a number of GST Innovation Lab 2D bar codes that link to different kinds of interactive content: video, audio, photo galleries, and even a motocross quiz. To view from the digital edition, just simply click on the bar codes. To view from the print edition, click here and follow these instructions. The October issue checks out James Stewart's moto hiatus, the Nitro Circus invasion down under, and Marvin Musquin's American takeover. You can also find out the latest news on Ricky James and WMX friends Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek. Of course, this issue also holds the key to motocross media. To learn about the insider information on the transition into a live moto stream, click here! These and more are featured in the October issue of RXI, and the digital edition is now available for only $4.98! That is just 42 cents per issue, and it still contains the same great columns and features, but with new interactive, exclusive bar codes. Click here to go to Racer X Digital and read the new issue right away for only $4.98.

The Endless Summer Ends
Having watched from the sidelines since January, James Stewart is finally ready to return to the starting gate and get back on track. Page 116.
Upside Down Down Under
Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus bring nine-man synchronized backflips, soaring beverage coolers, and broken bones aplenty to Oz. Page 132.
The History of Motocross Media
From monthly magazines to instant Twitter updates, from six-month delays to live internet streams, motocross media has come a long way. Page 146.
Marvin the Motorcyclist
Meet quiet, unassuming, and effortlessly fast Marvin Musquin, a French export who is about to invade American motocross. Page 158.
Sisters of Moto
Led by friendly rivals Jessica Patterson and Ashley Fiolek, the MotorcycleUSA.com Women’s Class has a higher profile than ever. Page 170.
The Ultimate Comeback
Five years after a freak crash left him paralyzed for life, Ricky James still has a successful racing career—a couple of them, in fact. Page 182.