Racer X Illustrated Motocross Magazine

The November 2009 Issue

Read the Racer X Illustrated Digital Edition! The November issue of Racer X Illustrated is a compilation of motocross history, current news, and a combination of the two. As the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship winds down, Steve Matthes lets us know what's up at the Washougal national while DC visits the historic Unadilla for retro night. Also in this issue, Jason Weigandt talks about one staple of American Motocross: Loretta Lynn's. For nearly thirty years now, the amateur race has been known for throwing out future stars left and right. Going away from the motocross track, David Pingree teaches the RXI staff and readers about Surfercross, and Steve Cox analyzes the changes taking place in ESPN's X Games. And touching on a motocross legend at a historic track, DC and Eric Johnson look at Jeff Stanton's U.S. Grand Prix attempt during his '89 outdoors season. All these summer events and more can be found in the November issue of Racer X Illustrated. Click here to go to Racer X Digital and read the new issue right away.

Washington’s Washougal MX Park is one of our sport’s most scenic locales, but don’t be fooled: that beauty hides a monster beneath its soil. Steve Matthes goes to the forest primeval for this report. Page 106.
The Heartbeat of American Motocross
For one late-summer week in each of the last twenty-eight years, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, has become the capital of American motocross. Jason Weigandt checks its current pulse. Page 116.
Jumping the Shark
Combining athleticism, skill, and innovation, freestyle mx was once the highlight of ESPN's X Games. Now dirt bikes are making highlights for the wrong reasons. Steve Cox wonders if it’s gone too far. Page 132.
Time Machines
New York’s Unadilla Valley Sports Center is filled with reminders of rich motocross history, and that was especially true during this year’s retro-themed event. DC was on hand to soak in the nostalgia. Page 144.
Surf & Turf
Teaming surfers with motocrossers to compete in each others’ disciplines, Surfercross has been attracting dirt bike and wave riders for a decade. A regular competitor, David Pingree files his '09 report. Page 156.
Taking One for the Team
During his 1989 AMA 250cc National Championship run, Jeff Stanton rode the 125cc support class at the US Grand Prix to show he could win on any bike. Eric Johnson and DC look at that historic Unadilla day. Page 164.