Racer X Illustrated Motocross Magazine

The November 2008 Issue

The November issue covers the biggest motocross events of the summer, including the Toyota AMA Motocross Championship, the Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals, and the X Games. If you are ready to read the issue right now, subscribe to the digital edition for immediate access.

Three Stories
Three Racer X staffers went to Millville, where they tapped into three different stories at the Minnesota round of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship. By Jason Weigandt, Steve Matthes, and Steve Cox. Page 154.
42,923 Laps
The AMA Amateur Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch host the biggest motocross race in the world, and Jason Weigandt was there to crunch the numbers on every lap. Page 164.
On the Ropes
Ivan Tedesco is back in the saddle after more bad luck derailed his promising career. “Hot Sauce” still leads the Honda Red Bull Racing factory effort, but it hasn’t all been roses for the New Mexican. Page 176.
Mind Games
Having the skill to compete on action sports’ biggest stage—the summer X Games—is one thing, but it takes more than ability. As participant David Pingree writes, it takes mental strength to win gold. Page 190.
Chicken and the Beast
The rivalry between ‘90s superstars Jeff Matiasevich and Damon Bradshaw is one of the greatest the sport has ever seen. Motocross historian Eric Johnson revisits the glory days of their animalistic feud. Page 208.
Welcome to Lommelwood!
The small Belgian town may seem unremarkable at first glance, but it has become the hottest spot on The Continent for some of Europe’s finest. Matt Allard explains the appeal of Lommel. Page 220.
Nick Wey, Eh?
Michigan Mafia boss Nick Wey spends his off-weekend on a crazy road trip to Canada with man-friend Steve Matthes. As Wey finds out, the food may be a little weird up there, but the racers can fly. Page 274.