Racer X Illustrated Motocross Magazine

The July 2011 Issue

The July issue of Racer X Illustrated examines current technology, such as the Helmet Cam, and goes back into the past with inside stories on the 1975 US GP at Carlsbad and the history of FMF. Also included in the July issue is a feature on four-stroke pioneer Doug Dubach’s two-stroke Glen Helen race, a look into European moto-art, and a journey through the fourty-year history of the World Mini Grand Prix. These and more are featured in the July issue of RXI, and the digital edition is now available for only $9.98!

Lights, (Helmet) Camera, Action!
Few technologies have more potential to improve race coverage than helmet cameras—so why do so few riders want to wear them? Here’s a look at the helmet cam’s history and potential future. Page 122.
Different Strokes
Four-stroke racing pioneer Doug Dubach and his son go back to the future at the 2011 MTA 2-Stroke World Championships at Glen Helen. Page 134.
Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines
Donnie and Don Emler, Danny Laporte, and Winfried Kerschhaggl discuss the forty-year history of FMF, one of the most successful companies and sponsors in motocross. Page 146.
Building the Imperfect Beast
At the 1975 United States Grand Prix at Carlsbad, “Rocket” Rex Staten piloted a wildly experimental CZ to near-glory. His mechanic that day, Harry Klemm, gives us the inside story. Page 158.
The Granddaddy of Them All
The World Mini Grand Prix launched the phenomenon of amateur motocross racing in America. We look back on its influential history as it celebrates its fortieth birthday. Page 170.