Racer X Illustrated Motocross Magazine

The January 2017 Issue

Pick up your copy now to read how supercross became a mainstay in the gambling city of Las Vegas, Cooper Webb’s tale of digging deep to earn two major championships and our 2016 Racer X ROTY award, and how King Kelly became a quintessential promoter of motocross in the Southeast. You can also find a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Moto 8 the Movie as well as our annual gift guide.

Las Vegas is a supercross town, and its motorcycling roots run deep. On the eve of the Monster Energy Cup, we spoke with some of the men who have helped our sport take root in the desert.
Cooper Webb faced plenty of challenges during the past season, and he overcame them with style—and with championships. That’s why he’s our 2016 Racer X Rider of the Year.
King Kelly’s name looms large in the history of motocross in the Southeast. His friends and family tell the story of a quintessential American promoter.
Taylor Congdon traveled the world—from Australia to Mexico to Idaho—with the some of the sport’s very best during the last year to bring us Moto 8 the Movie.
If you’re in need of gift-giving ideas for the holidays, look no further than our annual round-up of stocking-stuffers and must-have gear.