Racer X Films: Traders Racing Yamaha

May 17, 2017 1:20pm | by:

Legendary tuner Skip Norfolk called a couple weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in riding their race bike. The Traders/Tic Tabs/Ohlins Yamaha team was pretty unknown to me but I was really interested to learn more about what they had going on. With Skip's knowledge and experience I knew it would be a solid bike, plus, I never refuse an offer to ride a race bike. The entire Traders team, including a healing up from injury Luke Renzland, were on hand at Pala Raceway for our test. Renzland put in several good rides this year on the #50 machine and I was excited to see what he was working with. Check out the test video and also look for an interview with Norfolk and Kenny Day, the race team manager. 

Luke Renzland #50 machine set up Via Norfolk

Engine Performance:

We refer to our engine program with JGR MX as a “5 hour” race engine program, meaning that at 5 hours we take the engine out of rotation and send to JGR MX retail/store division to be serviced. Thru testing we have set time limits on all parts, the engines are completely disassembled and inspected. Any parts that have reached their time limits are replaced and any parts that do not meet specifications are replaced. JGR MX performs this service and inspection on our race engines. And then the engine is shipped back to the race team and we put it back in to rotation.

Head machining and porting


Valve train

Hi-Compression race piston

Rod and Crankshaft work

REM transmission and engine part treatment
This treatment applies a finish to every internal engine part, which does improve shifting and contributes to overall engine performance and rider feel.


Spark Plug hold down device

Fuel and ignition maps
Include launch control maps

JGR MX air filter base with second injector mount

JGR MX LC-GPA front fender location mounting bracket

We have a different spec for our practice bikes. We refer to this engine as a “15 hour” engine program. JGR MX provides all those same parts as well. We maintain our practice engines. Our practice engines have the same character as our race engine, but we reduce the rev limit and change the specification of some of the parts so we have a longer time line before it needs to be service. It is roughly 5% less power than our race engines.

Everything that we have in our engines, both race and practice engines, is available thru JGR MX store.

Pro Circuit Ti-6 pro exhaust system

Lucas Oil Racing oils and Lubricants
High Performance Synthetic 4T MC Oil w/ MOLY

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
3S front tire and rear tires

FLO Motorsports sprockets
13-48 final drive gearing

Hinson Clutch Components
Billet Proof
Clutch Basket
Inner Hub and Pressure Plate
Clutch Springs
Outer Clutch Cover

Arc Levers
RC-8 clutch Perch assembly CP-201 28mm
Black Smooth Aluminum Blades

EK Chain
3D Chain (Black/Gold)

Second injector ready
LC-GPA display
Map Switch

DT1 air filter

P3 Carbon pipe heat shields

Engine Ice Hi-Performance coolant

Moto Hose radiator hoses

Ignition cover
Air boot
Magnetic Drain Bolt

Vp Racing Fuels

We have modified our throttle body thru moto medic racing in Temecula, CA.



Ohlins USA
RFX-TT22 forks
TTX 46 shock

Most racers understand “A-KIT” suspension which complies with all AMA PRO Racing regulations which is a racing upgrade over OEM components. Ohlins forks and shock complies with all AMA Pro racing regulations. Ohlins provides all testing and servicing of our suspension. Everything we race on is available from Ohlins, including our settings…simply contact them and request…Traders Racing set up.

JGR MX Adjustable Sub Frame

P3 Carbon body parts

Pro Circuit Linkarm

ROCS triple clamp
PHDS System bar mounts


Front Brakes

P3 Carbon Disc Guard

280mm Front Rotor and Hanger
Aluminum Banjo Bolts

GYTR Brake Line
11mm piston master cylinder
2016 Kawasaki

Powerlever BR-402i 15mm
Banjo bolt guard

Larger 27mm caliper
WR Yamaha

Yamalube Brake pin grease

Lucas Oil Dot 3 Hi-Performance brake fluid

Rear Brakes

Pro-Lite Rear Rotor
Aluminum Banjo Bolts

GYTR Brake Line

GYTR clevis

STD brake pedal

Yamalube Brake pin grease

Lucas Oil Dot 3 Hi-Performance brake fluid

Chassis parts

Limited Graphics
Bike graphics

996 twin wall bars
½ waffle soft grips
Cross Bar Pad
Grip Covers

CYCRA Powerflow plastic full kit

KITE hubs
Spoke kit
Did dirt star rims
ProPeg Titanium foot pegs

Traction MX seat cover

Pit Posse
Bike Stand
Chain adjuster blocks

WALSH Racecraft provides all our fabrication / radiator welding. We added steel timeerts for subframe mounts, Chassis Jigs, Special tools and etc…