Racer X Films: The Weege Show with Zach Osborne

May 10, 2017 5:45pm | by:

Zach Osborne was once a top prospect in the amateur ranks armed with a KTM ride. As soon as he turned pro, it went terribly. A few years of bad results, bad injuries, and bad health sent him packing, with a replacement ride in the GPs as his only option besides driving a dump truck for a living (which he actually did, briefly). Through that adversity—tales of being broke and nearly out of options while traveling through Europe—he regained the fire, the motivation and the enjoyment that allowed him to finally fulfill the promise he showed all those years ago.

This episode of The Weege Show was shot earlier in the season, when Osborne held the red plate in the 250SX East Region. That weekend in Detroit, Zach would deal with some more adversity and lose the points lead, but he’s already been through so much in his life that a first-turn crash didn’t dampen his spirits one bit. He rallied back to win this year’s 250SX East Region Championship, and in this exclusive interview, you can see why he’ll never give up.