Injury Report: Indianapolis

Injury Report Indianapolis

March 16, 2017 3:05pm


Colton Aeck – Back, Ribs, Shoulder 

Comment: Aeck was landed on in Arlington and suffered two fractured vertebrae, some broken ribs, and a broken shoulder. He’s walking again and on Instagram said his goal is to be back on the gate for A1 in 2018.

Baby steps improving every day! #blessed #glorytogod

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Jimmy Albertson – Back, Bruising, Sternum, Chest, Lungs, and Hand 

Comment: Albertson had an awful crash during practice in Daytona, sustaining compressions and fractures to some thoracic vertebrae, an epidural hematoma, a broken/displaced sternum, a clot in his chest, lung contusions, and a broken hand. Albertson said his doctors told him his back and lungs are now stable enough for surgery, which he’ll have today [Thursday] to reattach his sternum. After surgery he’ll get to work on rehabilitating his back. A fund to assist Albertson with medical costs has been set up through Road 2 Recovery. If you wish to make a contribution, go here. 

Trey Canard – Head

Comment: Trey Canard hasn’t raced since crashing during practice in Toronto. At time of posting we still hadn’t received official word from the team whether or not Canard would be lining up for Indianapolis.

Weston Peick – Kidney and Wrist

Comment: There’s a chance Peick will return to action for the last few rounds, but he’s expected back no later than the start of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Ken Roczen – Wrist, Elbow, Forearm  

Comment: Roczen had a huge crash at Anaheim 2, suffering injuries to his wrist, elbow, and radius (forearm). There is currently no timetable for his return.

Cooper Webb – Shoulder  

Comment: Webb incurred deep bruising in his shoulder after crashing in Minneapolis. He’ll miss Indianapolis, but is expected to return for Detroit.

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Matt Bisceglia – Foot/Leg

Comment: Just when he was about to make it back to racing, Bisceglia broke his leg at Glen Helen. As of now the team isn’t sure when he’ll be back, but Kyle Cunningham will fill in until then.

Benny Bloss – Shoulder/Humerus

Comment: Bloss is out for the rest of Monster Energy Supercross due to a dislocated shoulder and fractured humerus bone suffered in Minneapolis. He’s expected to be back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Tyler Bowers – Femur

Comment: Bowers hopes to be back for Seattle after fracturing his right femur in Glendale.

RJ Hampshire – Tib/Fib

Comment: Hampshire fractured his tib/fib in Toronto and is out for the season. He’s expected to return for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Colt Nichols – Knee/Tibia

Comment: Nichols tore the MCL off his tibia and incurred a small fracture to the tibia while practicing at Cooper Webb’s supercross track. An exact return date is unknown at this point, but he’s out for the rest of supercross.

Phil Nicoletti – Ankle/Heel/Fibula

Comment: There is no timetable on Nicoletti’s return after he dislocated his ankle, shattered his heel, and fractured his lower fibula on press day in Arlington. In the meantime, he’s passing the time by having intense staring competitions with dogs. 

The time change has Bo and I grumpy

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Mitchell Oldenburg – Collarbone

Comment: Oldenburg is expected back in Seattle.

Trevor Reis – Knee and Foot

Comment: Reis is out for the season with a torn ACL and MCL.

Chase Sexton – Femur

Comment: Sexton broke his femur during practice in Atlanta and will miss the rest of Monster Energy Supercross.

Bradley Taft – Concussion

Comment: Taft is expected back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross after suffering a concussion before A2.