Gallery: Racer X Ride Day at Castillo Ranch

Gallery Racer X Ride Day at Castillo Ranch

March 8, 2017 1:40pm

It's like we died and went to moto heaven—then 805 Beer showed up and started serving frosty cold ones!

We invited our industry friends and fellow desk jockeys to join us at Castillo Ranch last week as a way to say thank you for supporting Racer X through the years and allowing us keep our dream jobs. Then we invited guys like Tyler Bereman, Darryn Durham, and Arik Swan to show us mere mortals what our dirt bikes are actually capable of.

Castillo Ranch truly is a motocrosser's playground: a freshly prepped moto track courtesy of Dave Castillo and Frankie Garcia, an epic grass track laid out by Ping, and randomly placed freestyle jumps were all at our disposal. As everyone started to run out of gas—either literally or figuratively—we passed by the 805 truck before making our way to watch Bereman go absolutely bonkers on the freestyle ramp. He'll need to start considering barrel rolls if his whip game advances any more.

Again, much thanks to our industry friends for making days like last Wednesday a possibility. Check out Kyle Scott's video from the ride day and Ping's helmet cam video from the grass track if you haven't had a chance yet.