Injury Report: Toronto

Injury Report Toronto

March 2, 2017 4:25pm


Colton Aeck – Back, Ribs, Shoulder

Comment: Aeck is out indefinitely after getting landed on in Arlington and suffering two fractured vertebrae, some broken ribs, and a broken shoulder. Earlier this week, Aeck returned home to California. “After 2 weeks in the hospital in Texas, it feels amazing to be home! Excited to start therapy here in the next couple days,” he wrote on Instagram.

Tommy Hahn – Shoulder

Comment: Hahn tried to race in Atlanta, but a nagging shoulder injury proved to be too much. It’s something Hahn has been battling for a while, and after not being able to race in Atlanta he made the decision to retire from professional racing. Alex Ray will fill-in for him beginning in Daytona.

Davi Millsaps – Wrist 

Comment: Millsaps went down in the whoops during practice in Atlanta but said on Instagram earlier this week he expects to be back for Toronto.

Millsaps appears to be in for Toronto.
Millsaps appears to be in for Toronto. Rich Shepherd

Weston Peick – Kidney and Wrist 

Comment: It’s somewhat uncertain when Peick will return to action after lacerating his kidney and dislocating his wrist during practice in Glendale, although Peick indicated on Instagram his recovery is going well, and that he’s scheduled to have pins removed from his wrist on March 20. The team is planning on Peick being back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, but says there’s a chance he’ll be able to race a few supercross races at the end of the season.

Ken Roczen – Wrist, Elbow, Forearm

Comment: Roczen had a huge crash at A2, suffering injuries to his wrist, elbow, and radius (forearm). There is currently no timetable for his return.

Cooper Webb – Shoulder 

Comment: Webb went down in his heat race in Minneapolis and injured his shoulder. He suffered some deep bruising and is still unable to return to racing. He’ll miss Toronto.


Matt Bisceglia – Foot/Leg 

Comment: Bisceglia was getting close to racing again after breaking his foot in December, but a broken leg suffered while practicing at Glen Helen recently has postponed his return. As of now there is no timetable on his return.

Benny Bloss – Shoulder/Humerus

Comment: Bloss crashed out at Minneapolis, dislocating his shoulder and fracturing the top of his humerus bone in the process. He’ll have surgery and be back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Tyler Bowers – Femur

Comment: Bowers fractured his right femur during practice in Glendale. He and the team believe he could be back for Seattle.

Christian Craig – Concussion

Comment: Craig crashed in his heat race in Atlanta and missed the rest of the night with a concussion. The team says he’ll be ready to go in Toronto.

Can Craig bounce back after two rough weekends?
Can Craig bounce back after two rough weekends? Rich Shepherd

Nick Gaines – Collarbone

Comment: Gaines fractured his collarbone in Minneapolis. He had it plated and hopes to be back for Daytona.

Phil Nicoletti – Ankle/Heel/Fibula 

Comment: Phil Nicoletti had a bad crash during press day in Arlington, in which he dislocated his ankle, shattered his heel, and fractured his lower fibula. He had surgery earlier this week and there is currently no timetable on his return. Weigandt plans on bringing him some comfort food to cheer him up, but Phil doesn’t really do “cheery.”

Mitchell Oldenburg – Collarbone

Comment: A broken collarbone will keep Oldenburg away from racing until Seattle.

Trevor Reis – Knee and Foot

Comment: A torn ACL and MCL will put Reis on the sidelines for the rest of supercross.

Chase Sexton – Femur  

Comment: Atlanta was supposed to be Sexton’s first professional supercross race after breaking both wrists before the season, but he’ll have to wait until next year. The GEICO Honda rider broke his femur during practice in Atlanta and will miss the rest of the supercross season.

The rookie will have to wait until next year to make his supercross debut.
The rookie will have to wait until next year to make his supercross debut. Jeff Kardas

Bradley Taft – Concussion

Comment: Taft suffered a concussion before A2 and will not race again until the start of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.