Injury Report: Atlanta

Injury Report Atlanta

February 23, 2017 4:15pm


Colton Aeck – Back, Ribs, Shoulder

Comment: Aeck was landed on in Arlington, suffering two fractured vertebrae, some broken ribs, and a broken shoulder. He’s out indefinitely. In a recent surgery some rods were placed in his back, fusing several vertebrae. For a video update from Aeck himself, go here.

Justin Bogle – Sore

Comment: Bogle had a nasty crash in his semi last week that left him in pain severe enough to send him to the local hospital to get looked at. Fortunately everything checked out fine and he plans on being ready for Atlanta.

Justin Brayton – Concussion

Comment: Justin Brayton went down on the first lap of the 450SX main event in Arlington and was knocked unconscious. He sat Minneapolis out, but will return to racing in Atlanta.

Tommy Hahn – Shoulder

Comment: Hahn hoped to race in Minneapolis after popping his shoulder out of joint in Oakland but wasn’t quite ready. He plans on lining up this weekend.

Weston Peick – Kidney and Wrist

Comment: It’s unclear when Peick will return to action after lacerating his kidney and dislocating his wrist during practice in Glendale. The team is planning on Peick being back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, but hopes he can make a couple supercross races at the end of the season.

Ken Roczen – Wrist, Elbow, Forearm

Comment: Roczen had a huge crash at A2, suffering injuries to his wrist, elbow, and radius (forearm). There is currently no timetable for his return.  

Cooper Webb – Shoulder

Comment: Webb went down in his heat race in Minneapolis and injured his shoulder. After some MRIs it was learned there was no major damage done, although Webb did suffer some deep bruising. He’ll sit Atlanta out and try riding next week to see how he feels.

Jake Weimer - Lower Back

Comment: Weimer tweaked his lower back in Minneapolis last weekend. He's undergone therapy all week at JGR NASCAR's physical therapy program and has improved throughout the week. He'll race this weekend.


Matt Bisceglia – Foot

Comment: Bisceglia hoped to be ready for the 250SX East Region opener, but he’s not ready quite yet. He’s back riding supercross and the team hopes he can race next weekend in Toronto. Kyle Peters will fill in for him in Atlanta.

Benny Bloss – Shoulder/Humerus

Comment: Bloss crashed out at Minneapolis, dislocating his shoulder and fracturing the top of his humerus bone in the process. He’ll have surgery and be back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Expect Bloss to come back for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.
Expect Bloss to come back for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Jeff Kardas

Tyler Bowers – Femur

Comment: Bowers fractured his right femur during practice in Glendale. He and the team believe he could be back for Seattle.

Nick Gaines – Collarbone

Comment: Gaines fractured his collarbone in Minneapolis. He had it plated and hopes to be back for Daytona.

Alex Martin – Sore 

Comment: A pair of crashes ended Martin’s night prematurely in Minneapolis, but he’s not going to miss Atlanta.

Phil Nicoletti – Ankle/Heel/Fibula

Comment: Phil Nicoletti had a bad crash during press day in Arlington, in which he dislocated his ankle, shattered his heel, and fractured his lower fibula. There is currently no timetable on his return to racing, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss any of his ridiculousness. 

@badnewsphil kinda day #lifehurts

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Mitchell Oldenburg – Collarbone

Comment: Oldenburg is expected back in Seattle after breaking his collarbone during practice in San Diego.

Trevor Reis – Knee and Foot

Comment: Reis will miss supercross after breaking his left heel and suffering a torn ACL and MCL before the season.

Chase Sexton – Wrists

Comment: Sexton planned on being ready for Minneapolis after suffering two minor breaks in his wrists in December but he didn’t quite make it. He’ll make his pro debut in Atlanta.

Bradley Taft – Concussion

Comment: Taft suffered a concussion before A2 and will not race again until the start of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.