Antonio Cairoli Clinches Italian Motocross Championship

February 13, 2017 11:40am | by:
Antonio Cairoli Clinches Italian Motocross Championship

Pre-season preparations for the opening round of the 2017 MXGP World Championship set for February 25 in Qatar continued over the weekend with the third, and final, round of the Italian Motocross Championship.

Eight-time world champion Antonio Cairoli continued his fine pre-season form with a second place finish behind Jeremy Van Horebeek in MX1. Cairoli won the first two rounds of the championship and clinched the MX1 title with his result at round three in Ottobiano.

Three-time MX2 world champion Jeffrey Herlings exited the race early after a big crash that also claimed reigning world champion Tim Gajser. Gajser would remount and finish 10th.

In MX2, Spanish teen Jorge Prado clinched the title with a second place finish to Italian Michele Cervellin.

Italian Motocross Championship

Round 3 –Ottobiano, Italy

MX1 Overall

Finish Rider
1st Jeremy Van Horebeek
2nd Antonio Cairoli
3rd Evgeny Bobryshev
4th Tanel Leok
5th Valentin Guillod
6th Ken De Dycker
7th Jose Butron
8th Alessandro Lupino
9th Rui Goncalves
10th Tim Gajser

MX2 Overall

Finish Rider
1st Michele Cervellin
2nd Jorge Prado
3rd Samuele Bernardini
4th Calvin Vlaanderen
5th Giuseppe Tropepe
6th Simone Furlotti
7th Filippo Zonta
8th Brian Bogers
9th Nicholas Lapucci
10th Simone Zecchina

MX1 Championship Standings

Standing Rider Points
1st Antonio Cairoli 340
2nd Jeremy Van Horebeek 320
3rd Evgeny Bobryshev 200
4th Tim Gajser 196
5th Tanel Leok 165
6th Romain Febvre 130
7th Alessandro Lupino 125
8th Jose Butron 122
9th Ken De Dycker 104
10th Rui Goncalves 102

MX2 Championship Standings

Standing Rider Points
1st Jorge Prado 300
2nd Michele Cervellin 280
3rd Brian Bogers 165
4th Samuele Bernardini 159
5th Benoit Paturel 155
6th Julien Lieber 146
7th Simone Furlotti 134
8th Alvin Ostlund 130
9th Giuseppe Tropepe 103
10th Filippo Zonta 97