Online Poll

Online Poll

December 20, 2016 9:55am

Last week, Feld Motor Sports, promoters of Monster Energy Supercross, announced that beginning in 2017 timed races would be coming to a stadium near you.

Here’s how it works: The 250SX class will feature a 15-minute plus one lap format instead of the typical 15-lap main event. Meanwhile, the 450SX class will be 20 minutes plus one lap instead of 20 laps. One important thing to note: the clock will start once the gate drops. Heats will be five minutes plus one; Semis will be four minutes plus one; and LCQ's will be three minutes plus one.

This certainly brings added intrigue to the races, as fitness and lappers, among other things, will play a much larger role.

So, we want to know: How much of an impact do you think timed main events will have on the racing?

Big impact 952 votes - 16.7%

Small impact 3499 votes - 61.2%

No impact at all 1264 votes - 22.1%