The List: We'll Bring the Stuffing

The List We'll Bring the Stuffing

November 24, 2016 10:00am

Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you’re enjoying the day with friends and family—eating, watching football, maybe even riding. Hopefully you got your fill of green beans, mac and cheese, turkey, bread, and stuffing! In honor of stuffing our faces with more food than should ever, and we mean EVER, be consumed in one day, we decided to gather some of the best stuffings in supercross and motocross history.

This is by no means a compressive list, just the best ones the Racer X staff could think of off the top of our heads. Have a good one? Link it in the comments below.

Weston Peick vs Vince Friese: Anaheim 1 2016

Chad Reed vs James Stewart: Atlanta 2011

Mike Alessi vs Broc Tickle: Atlanta 2014

Jeff Matiasevich vs Damon Bradshaw: Bercy 1989

Kevin Windham vs Vince Friese: Monster Energy Cup 2011

Kevin Windham vs David Vuillemin: Phoenix 2004

Malcolm Stewart vs Justin Barcia: Utah 2013

Keith Johnson vs Tyler Evans: Vancouver 2006

Josh Grant vs Mike Alessi: Thunder Valley 2009

Ryan Villopoto vs Ryan Dungey: St. Louis 2010

James Stewart vs Jeremy McGrath: Anaheim 3 2006

Tyler Bowers vs Cooper Webb: Oakland 2015

Chad Reed vs Trey Canard: Anaheim 2 2015

Jean-Michel Bayle vs Damon Bradshaw: Bercy 1991

Justin Barcia vs Malcolm Stewart: Daytona 2014

Trey Canard vs Ryan Villopoto: St. Louis 2008

Grant Langston vs Mike Alessi: Hangtown 2005

Mike Alessi vs Grant Langston: Glen Helen 2005

Jason Anderson vs Cole Seely: Anaheim 1 2014

Malcolm Stewart vs Jason Anderson: Anaheim 3 2014

Eli Tomac vs Dean Wilson: Seattle 2012

Eli Tomac vs Chad Reed: Arlington 2015

Jason Anderson vs Cole Seely: Atlanta 2016

Ryan Villopoto vs Mike Alessi: Budds Creek 2006

Ricky Carmichael vs Chad Reed: Detroit 2006

Chad Reed vs James Stewart: Las Vegas 2009

Josh Grant vs Ryan Villopoto: Washougal 2008

Damon Bradshaw vs Jeff Matiasevich: Las Vegas 1992