Bench Racing Ammo: How Well Do You Know the Silly Season

Bench Racing Ammo How Well Do You Know the Silly Season

October 25, 2016 3:15pm

Do you have to consistently remind your friends about where Ken Roczen signed? Does your cousin’s friend’s brother work the parts desk of the local Yamaha shop and feed you all the good inside stuff? Did Team Suzuki show up at your local track last weekend for some testing of the 2018 bikes?

If you feel like you’re a master of the silly season, take our quiz below and see where you stack up!

While there is still plenty to be decided in free agency this off-season—like where James and Malcolm Stewart will end up—a lot of riders have already signed on the dotted line for 2017. Select your answers below and let us know how you did in the comments section.

Correct answers are posted at the bottom of the post. DO NOT CHEAT. We’ll yank your parts discount at your cousin’s friend’s brother’s shop.

1. Honda HRC signed Ken Roczen to a __ year deal?

2. Trey Canard spent how many years with Honda before signing with Red Bull KTM?

3. JGRMX is moving to Suzuki for 2017. Weston Peick last rode a Suzuki in what year?

4. __ is the new title sponsor of BBMX?

5. After two years with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Arnaud Tonus is returning to MXGP with what team?

6. Justin Hill is signed with what 250 team for 2017?

7. Chris Alldredge spent __ years with GEICO Honda before signing with Barn Pros/Home Depot Yamaha?

8. 2016 AMA Horizon Award winner Chase Sexton will debut with what team in 2017?

9. Blake Baggett is joining BBMX next year after spending two years with which team?

10. Tristan Charboneau will be paired with which fellow American at Bud Racing /Monster Energy Kawasaki in 2017?

11. Dean Wilson has signed with what team for 2017?

12. How many years did Justin Bogle spend with GEICO Honda?

13. Dylan Ferrandis has signed to race for Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha. It’s the second time they’ve given a European rider with MX2 GP experience a shot with the team. Who was the other rider?

14. Jordon Smith signed with what 250 team for 2017?

15. Rene Cartier, who previously raced for Carson Racing, is from what country?


1. 3
2. 10
3. 2014
4. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
5. Wilvo Yamaha
6. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
7. None of the above
8. GEICO Honda
9. Yoshimura Suzuki
10. Ryan Surratt
11. No one yet
12. 6
13. Gautier Paulin
14. Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM
15. France