Classic Pix

Classic Pix

November 8, 2015 8:00am

Once again, we're making you do the work! Every few weeks, we're going to dig into the archives for an old-school photo, and we'll ask you, our knowledgable (???) readers to identify something. Could be the rider, the bike, the track, the year or all four. It will be tough, so if your motocross knowledge only stretches back to Ryan Villopoto's days in the Lites class, you need not apply.

But if you're sharp, you can win a prize!

It appears we have stumped the majority of you. So, instead of bringing in a new photo, we will offer two prizes from Renthal this week and give you a hint to the question below.

We asked: Who rode this works Husky and who built the pipe?

Hint: Most responses have correctly guessed the rider, but incorrectly guessed the pipe builder. So, we will narrow it down for you. Neither Mitch Payton, Rick Ashe or Anaheim Husky built the pipe. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Our friends at Renthal will put a trophy on the line each time, and this week they're giving away a Renthal custom TLD KTM team handlebar pad and a t-shirt to whoever guesses (correctly) first.

Email your answer to Renthal to this address:

Include Racer X Trivia in the subject line, please. By the way, you can bench race all you want in the comments section below but we are not picking winners based on the comments—you must send the email to be eligible for a prize.