The List: International Races

The List International Races

November 4, 2015 1:00pm

For many pro-level riders in America, the fall months mean it's time to do some international races. The long AMA schedule prevents a lot of overseas racing from January through September, but then there are a few empty weekends to cross the ocean and make some start/prize money. For instance, this past weekend guys were racing in Bulgaria, Holland, and Australia, and the big Bercy SX at Lille in France is coming up. So for this week's List, we decided to post some old international race posters we've spotted online that harken back to the very early days of motocross in Europe and elsewhere. By the way, many of these can be found online for purchase!

1946 Saint Cloud

1952 Ville de Narbonne

1953 Motocross des Nations

1954 Mons-La Trivalle

1955 De Ribouisse

1955 Mons-La Trivalle

1956 Moto-Cross Rennen

1958 Motocross des Nations

1960 Stockach-Baden

1963 Saint-Quentin

1964 Saint-Quentin

1964 Wimpassing/Schwarzatal

1965 Sluknov

1972 Yamaha Gold Cup

1973 Kudlovska Dolina

1973 Mondoubleau

1977 Mr. Motocross

Club de France


Mettet MX

Moto Club Imola

Motocross de L'Armistace

Nemzetkozi Moto


Circuit International Pau

Solo Match Works