NEXT Components Expands Smart Lever Product Line

October 23, 2015 4:20pm | by:

The line now offers smart brake and clutch levers along with clutch assemblies and a rotator clamp. 

Smart Brake Lever

  • Aluminum knuckle fits the stock brake perch with smart composite "unbreakable" brake lever. 

Smart Clutch Lever

  • The lightest composite lever available weighing in at 68g. This "unbreakable" lever will flex in a crash and return to riding position. 

Smart Clutch Assembly

  • Aluminum factory racing "adjust on the fly perch" complete clutch assembly with composite Smart Lever, waterproof boot, and rotator clamp system.

Rotator Clamp

  • Aluminum back for any brake perch with a Teflon sleeve.

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