Marvin Musquin to Miss Red Bull Straight Rhythm

October 9, 2015 8:55am | by:
Marvin Musquin to Miss Red Bull Straight Rhythm

Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin will reportedly miss the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event this Saturday after undergoing surgery after the Motocross of Nations on a wrist injury that has bothered him since crashing at Round 3 of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at Thunder Valley.

Musquin raced through the season, finishing a close second to Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin for the 250MX championship. After the season, Musquin also raced the Motocross of Nations, helping his home country of France to a second straight title.

In a Tweet this morning, KTM Factory Racing announced that Musquin would miss the event tomorrow. Last year, Musquin won the Lites Class over fellow KTM rider Justin Hill.

In a Facebook post, which you can read below, Musquin said that he hopes to return at Geneva prior to Anaheim.

Since My crash in Lakewood, I was racing with an injury, which got worse races after races. I knew at the time that if I kept riding like this it wasn't good but I couldn't give up on the outdoor championship. Once the outdoor season was over, I met Dr Ardouin, from France, a hand specialist. It was clear I needed surgery. But I didn't want to miss the Mx Des Nations, for myself but also for all the French fans and for my country.

Monday morning after Ernee, I went back to see the doctor to do more exams which confirmed the necessity of the surgery. Dr Ardouin operated on my wrist. While on the operating table, the doctor couldn't believe how much damages I made. He still doesn't know how I was able to ride or even just use my hand.

To make it simple, I stretched my ligaments in my wrist in Lakewood, then my wrist was loose, and the bone was irritating my tendons which were very inflamed. The bone was filing the tendons, which cut one of them and half of the other one. That explains why I couldn't move my pinky anymore.

I also had a compressed nerve in the elbow and the wrist, which caused the numbness of two of my fingers while riding. It was even more while riding the 450cc, and this is the reason why I had to stop the second Moto in Glen Helen.

I'm glad we find the issue and we were able to hopefully fix it.

Now I need some rest to heal, and unfortunately I won't be able to ride the Red Bull straight Rhythm this weekend.

My next race should be the Supercross of Geneva before the opening of the Supercross Season beginning of January.

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