Nihilo Concepts Introduces Aluminum Fasteners and Banjo Bolts

September 29, 2015 3:25pm | by:

Stuart, FL. – Nihilo Concepts, the leader in billet aftermarket parts for motocross and off road motorcycles, has released their new line of aluminum fasteners and banjo bolts. 

The factories have long had access to trick lightweight parts that just weren’t available to the public, lightweight bolts and trick items that made their bikes lighter and stronger than stock. Two items that fall into this category are fork guard bolts and brake line banjo bolts. Both of these items are not typically taken on and off the bike often, so they are good candidates for lightweight alternatives that can do the same job while taking off unwanted weight. Nihilo is now offering aluminum fork guard bolts to replace the six heavy steel bolts that come stock on your motorcycle, specifically designed to fit your fork guards perfectly, and anodized to match your bikes colors.

Nihilo banjo bolts are precision machined to provide maximum flow of brake fluids and are also much lighter than the steel OEM bolts. Banjo bolts are available for all Japanese brands as well as KTM and Husqvarna with their unique thread pitch. Nihilo banjo bolts are anodized to match your bikes colors.