Red Bull Straight Rhythm Lites Class Qualifiers

September 9, 2015 3:25pm | by:

Interested in competing in Red Bull Straight Rhythm? 

You may just have a shot. A Lites Class (250cc or less) qualifier series will give two local riders a qualifier on October 10 at Fairplex in Pomona, Ca.

Here's how it works: Riders have the opportunity to enter at four different locations:

1) September 5: Mesquite MX

2) September 12: Arizona Cycle Park

3) September 19: Riverfront MX

4) October 4: Pala Raceway

Riders from the first three events advance to the Pala event, where they are guaranteed a spot in the final 16.

Two riders will advance from Mesquite MX, two from Arizona Cycle Park and four from Riverfront MX. At Pala Raceway they will have to participate in timed qualifying for bracket seeding.

At Pala, the format is a bit different. The Pala field will be narrowed down to the fastest eight riders, who will then compete against the eight riders from the other locations. The two fastest riders from the final 16 will compete at Red Bull Straight Rhythm.

Mesquite MX: 2 riders advance 

Arizona Cycle Park: 2 riders advance

Riverfront MX: 4 riders advance 

Pala Raceway: 8 fastest local riders vs. 8 riders from previous locations
2 fastest riders advance to Red Bull Straight Rhythm

In order to participate, riders must meet at least ONE of the following requirements:

  • Must possess AMA Pro Racing license
  • Must have previously held an AMA Pro Racing license
  • Must currently race “A” class in their respective region

Race entry is first come, first served.