Ride Engineering Introduces 2016 KTM Bracket Assembly

August 12, 2015 2:55pm | by:

Ride Engineering, the industry leader in high-quality racing accessories, introduces a new KTM Bracket Assembly for all 2016 KTM models as well as the 2015.5 Factory Edition models.  

Ryan Dungey is winning another outdoor title with a weld-on version of Ride Engineering's bolt-on Steering damper kit. This revised version will fit the new 2015.5/16 KTM and 2016 Husky frame. Use it for motocross or off-road, Ride offers two damper sizes, a 20mm and a 24mm, to better tune the resistance for your riding conditions. More dampening can also be added in with a revalve by popular suspension shops. (Click for review.) 

The KTM Bracket Assembly is in stock now and available at dealerships nationwide, or online at www.ride-engineering.com for $169.95. For more products, applications, colors, and pricing give us a call at (800) 805-1516.