Deft Family Releases Glove Collection

August 12, 2015 1:40pm | by:

San Diego, Ca. - After months of development and testing, Deft Family is proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated 2015 Catalyst 4 and Artisan 3 Evident glove collections. The brand is also excited to debut a new price point and youth glove adding to their already stellar family of gloves. 

This 2015 release includes the ever popular Catalyst and Artisan glove lines. Coming in at a $36.95 price point, the Catalyst 4 features a two-piece top construction for maximum comfort as well as it’s soft strap airprene closure design to allow for that secure fit you’ve come to expect from a Deft Family glove. Complimented with the new Evident design, the gloves are available in Red/Blue or Orange/Red and will pair nicely with any gear set you choose to run. If you prefer riding with a slip on glove, the Artisan 3 also comes with the same Evident design in teal/grey and green/yellow and is available at the same price as the Catalyst4. 

New for the summer of 2015 will be the highly anticipated Eqvlnt Choice glove. At a lower price point of $25.95, the Choice is easily one of the best values in the glove category today. Built with a two-piece top construction and secured with a soft strap airprene closure design similar to the Catalyst, the Choice has a custom fit feel for anyone who rides with them. Available in four different color ways, red/black, teal/black, white/black, and lime/black. 

Lastly, Deft Family focused a lot of attention to the needs of their youth riders this past year and now the brand is excited to officially announce the release of the new 2015 Eqvlnt Youth Slime glove. Designed and built exclusively for smaller riders, kids will now be able to enjoy a custom feel with the same technology that goes into the Deft Family adult line. At $24.95, theEqvlnt Youth Slime will come in red/teal and purple/lime. 

All 2015 gloves are available now! Get yours at or any Deft Family dealer worldwide. For more updates, you can follow @deftfamily on Instagram, @Deft_family on Twitter, and check out our NEW Facebook page at