Injury Report: Unadilla

Injury Report Unadilla

August 7, 2015 11:00am


Jimmy Albertson – Leg
Comment: Albertson underwent surgery on both shoulders earlier this year but was hoping to return for the final round in Indiana before breaking his lower leg in early July. He will miss the final three rounds.

Justin Bogle – Shoulder and Internal Bruising
Comment: Bogle injured his shoulder at Hangtown but will return to racing at Unadilla on the 450. 

Adam Enticknap – Wrist
Comment: Enticknap broke his wrist in Santa Clara and is out for the season. 

Wil Hahn – Ribs
Comment: Originally, it was hoped that Hahn would be back for Unadilla after injuring his ribs in practice. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and he’s out for the season. 

Josh Hill - Collarbone, Ribs, and Lung
Comment: Hill is out for the season recovering from a crash in supercross.

Chad Reed – Shoulder
Comment: Reed’s out for the season after undergoing shoulder surgery.

Cole Seely – Shoulder
Comment: Seely crashed at Spring Creek during practice and injured his shoulder. He underwent surgery and is out for the season. 

Eli Tomac – Shoulder
Comment: Tomac is out for the season after dislocating his right shoulder and tearing his left rotator cuff in Colorado.

Jake Weimer – Humerus, Lung, Throat, and Concussion
Comment: Weimer will miss the rest of the season with a broken right humerus, collapsed left lung, concussion, fractured Adam’s apple, bruised vocal chords, and split chin suffered during supercross.

Dean Wilson – Torn ACL/MCL
Comment: Wilson will make his return to racing this weekend at Unadilla.

Before transitioning to the 450 next season, Justin Bogle is finishing the season out on a GEICO Honda 450.
Before transitioning to the 450 next season, Justin Bogle is finishing the season out on a GEICO Honda 450. photo: Cudby


Benny Bloss – Concussion
Comment: Bloss was slated to make his pro debut at Unadilla but sustained a concussion while practicing. No word yet on whether or not he’ll race the final two rounds. 

Zach Bell – Head
Comment: Bell recently told us that he underwent an MRI and CT scan and doctors found out he had “blood around the brain” and a “pretty big size hematoma on the brain.” Doctors told Bell the expected recovery time is seven months to a year.

Tyler Bowers – Back
Comment: Bowers is out for the season after undergoing surgery to fix two compressed discs and a displacement of the L5 vertebrae.

Adam Cianciarulo – Shoulder
Comment: Cianciarulo is out for the season after suffering a partially torn labrum before the RedBud National. 

Darryn Durham – Wrist
Comment: Durham bent a screw in his wrist at A1. He’s out for the summer. 

Alex Frye – Wrist
Comment: Frye dislocated his wrist at High Point but will be back at Unadilla.

Jackson Richardson – Hand
Comment: Richardson broke his hand in a practice incident but is back on the bike.