Team Green Celebrates 15 Championships at Loretta's

August 4, 2015 4:50pm | by:

Irvine, Calif. – The 34th Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s, proved to be a true test of man and machine as temperatures in the nineties along with nearly 90 percent humidity led to fifteen championships for Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green™. Leading the charge for Team Green was Austin Forkner along with Jett Reynolds and Garrett Marchbanks who all took home two titles each. On mini bikes, Ryder DiFrancesco, Carson Mumford, and Hannah Hodges each won a championship, while on the big bikes Mitchell Harrison, Joey Crown, and Gracie Van Horn took home titles. In the Vet classes Paul Perebijnos, John Grewe,  and Earl May also earned championship trophies.

Forkner, Marchbanks, and Reynolds were the stories of the Ranch, as each showed strong talent and drive while capturing titles in both of the classes they entered. For Reynolds, he now has won six straight championships at Loretta’s dating back to 2013 and is the first rider to do that in the 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc classes. Riding his KX™85 Reynolds never put a wheel wrong winning all six of his motos. Forkner was also strong all week scoring four moto wins and two second place finishes and now has six career championships. Marchbanks also scored four moto victories and two runner-up finishes on his KX™100 en route to his two titles.  This is the second year in a row that Marchbanks has claimed championships in both of his classes at Loretta’s

On the KX™65 DiFrancesco went 1-1-2 to claim his title with his teammate Nick Romano right behind him in third overall.  In the Mini Sr 1 class, Mumford bookended a fourth place moto finish with two moto wins to claim the championship. Hodges swept all three motos to take the class win.

Harrison looked strong all week on his KX™250F taking the 250A championship with a 2-1-4 score and finishing third overall in the Open Pro Sport class. Crown was also fast finishing 3-1-1 in the 250B Limited class to take the championship.

Team Green’s success carried through to the Vet classes with Grewe standing above the rest. Grewe put his KX™450F on the top step of the podium in all of his motos to in the Senior (45+) championship while also gaining a third overall in the Vet 35+ class. Earl May has been going to the ranch since 1986 and earned another title in the Masters (50+) class riding smart to finish 1-1-2. The Vet 30+ class was a battle of Kawasaki’s at the front with Perebijnos coming out on top with a 2-2-1 score finishing just ahead of Blake Keaton and Charles Castloo who completed a Kawasaki sweep of the podium in the class.



Mitchell Harrison      250A

Joey Crown                250B Limited

Austin Forkner          250B

Paul Perebijnos         Vet 30+

John Grewe                Vet 45+

Earl May                     Masters 50+

Ryder DiFrancesco    65cc (7-9) Limited

Jett Reynolds             85cc (9-11) Limited

Jett Reynolds             85cc (9-11)

Carson Mumford       Mini Sr 1 (12-13)

Garrett Marchbanks Super Mini 1 (12-15)

Garrett Marchbanks Super Mini 2 (13-16)

Austin Forkner          Schoolboy 2 (12-13) B/C

Hannah Hodges         Girls Sr (12-16)

Gracie Van Horn        Women (14+)

Second Overall

Darian Sanayei          250A

Darian Sanayei          450A

Richard Jackson         450B

Tre Palmer                 450C

Jacob Williamson       College (16-24)

Blake Keeton             Vet 30+

Lance Kobusch          Super Mini 1 (12-15)

Jordan Bailey             Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C

Third Overall

Mitchell Harrison      Open Pro Sport

Jared Jenkins             450 B Limited

Austin Dodd               College (16-24)

Charles Castloo          Vet 30+

John Grewe                Vet 35+

Nick Romano              65cc (7-9) Limited

Carson Mumford       Mini Sr 2 (12-14)