Polisport Introduces New Website

July 24, 2015 2:00pm | by:

After long and hard work, designing a functional and simple navigation experience for the user, and creating detailed content for Polisport’s website, Polisport proudly present a completely new website with purposeful information about all the our products and the Polisport world.


Now you can find us on the web, in our newly launched website. With exclusive areas for the bicycle and off-road business branch, a practical design, and a user friendly interface, it has never been easier to browse for news, products, and media contempt. 

Products Information

On the products page, you’ll find all the useful information about Polisport's products: features, part number, spare parts, and even the assembly instructions of all products. If there’s something to know about a product, you'll find it here, for sure.

Polisport Group

For those who want to know more about the Polisport Group, we have a dedicated section with extensive information about Polisport' history, owned brands, and all the companies of the group. 

Technical Information

In order to give the customers all the help and information needed, we created and extensive FAQ area where they will be able the see most of their questions answered regarding products, sponsoring, commercial support, claims, and marketing. 

Distributor’s Reserved Area

Our main goal is to give our clients all the information and tools needed to successfully promote the brand and products—that’s why one of the main features of the new website is the reserved area. All of Polisport’s distributors will be able to log in and get access to useful contempt: product photos, catalog, products, certificates and a lot more.