ProTaper Providing Rider Support at Loretta Lynn's

July 23, 2015 9:45am | by:

Irvine, CA  – The crowning achievement for any amateur motocrosser is to win at Loretta Lynn's, which makes it the perfect event for ProTaper to make some big news for the little guys! In addition to providing pit support to all ProTaper riders during the 34th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Championship in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, ProTaper is premiering their all new Micro handlebars. The goal is to display, educate, support and recruit mini riders to the ProTaper cause! 

“If you have ever ridden with gloves that don't fit or grips that are too big and experienced fatigue and arm pump, just imagine what it is like for a kid,” says ProTaper brand manager Paul Perebijnos. “Kids are riding 50cc bikes with bars and grips better fit for adults." The new Micro handlebar solves that problem… and more! Advances in technology have made it possible to reduce the size of the grips without sacrificing the structural integrity of the handlebars.  

Immediate benefits of being able to use a smaller diameter grip include more control with less fatigue. The unique abrupt taper design gives the Micro bar a smaller diameter in the handhold areas, while retaining a standard 7/8” diameter throughout the critical clamping and control areas. It also means standard triple clamps, kill switches and all other stock hardware can be retained. 

In fact, these bars can be bolted on just about any mini racer on the market. “By utilizing a two-piece design, the Micro Throttle Tube can be fitted to any two-stroke model off-road bike of 85cc and smaller by using one of the seven optional throttle cams packaged with every set of bars,” Paul adds. The biggest benefit for the littlest hands are significantly smaller grips.

“The grips themselves are a scaled down version of ProTaper's popular 1/3 Waffle Grip. Only 17mm in diameter, small hands can better grasp them than the 22mm grip adults are accustomed to,” says Perebijnos. Because these bars can't be cut down, a wide range of widths and five bends are available. “These are the same five bends we offer in our full size bars… that way a rider can keep the same style bars they are comfortable with for their entire riding careers.”

Check out the ProTaper Pavilion at Loretta Lynn's to try these Micro bars on for size from July 27 through August 1.


  • Made from proprietary 2000-series T6 aluminum alloy
  • Cross bar made from cold-forged aluminum
  • Cross bar clamps CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum and adhered with aerospace quality polymer
  • High tech, stress relieved, shot peened, and anodized finish for unmatched durability
  • Weighs only 1.55 lbs. (700 Grams) with bar pad
  • Throttle tube barrel made using T6 aluminum alloy
  • Anodized and knurled barrel to resist corrosion and ensure maximum grip traction
  • Seven optional injection molded, high-impact plastic cams