Racer X Fantasy: Millville Preview

Racer X Fantasy Millville Preview

July 17, 2015 10:00am

Racer X has partnered with MotoDynasty to bring you Fantasy Motocross. We'll be offering cool weekly and series prizes; dynasty play; private leagues that just you and you're buddies can play in; weekly fantasy previews; and weekly podcasts all focused on fantasy.

Think it's too late to join in on the fun? Nope. We have new comps weekly. This week, prizes are being provided by Dragon Alliance. Sign up now for a chance to win. 

How to Play

1.) Sign-Up: This will be the easiest decision you've made all week. Go to motodynasty.racerxonline.com to sign up. 

2.) Play Options: There are two different ways to play Racer X MotoDynasty Fantasy Supercross. 

A.) Dynasty play is where you test your skills against thousands of others to win weekly and series prizes.

B.) Create or join a private league with your buddies, co-workers, family, the dude at the local watering hole—whoever. You can talk smack on your way to the league title.

On the Box

While it seems like RedBud took place a months ago, it was actually less than two weeks. There is a thing called calendars, people. So before we get into this week, let’s take a look back and see who was savvy enough to pick the top three in each class. (In case you forgot: it was Justin Barcia, Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen in 450MX; Jeremy Martin, Zach Osborne, Cooper Webb in 250MX.)

The first stat that jumps clear off the page is less than 1 percent had Justin Barcia winning, despite taking the overall at Budds Creek a week prior. Furthermore, less that 50 percent of users had him anywhere on the podium. I guess his win in the mud didn't convince a lot of you.

Kudos to the 77 percent that had Jeremy Martin taking the win—you guys are super! :)

450 Podium Stats

1st Place | Justin Barcia

1st: 0.8%

2nd: 7%

3rd: 34%

Fourty-two percent of all users had Barcia on the podium.

2nd Place | Ryan Dungey

1st: 70%

2nd: 25%

3rd: 2.7%

Ninety-eight percent of all users had Dungey on the podium.

3rd Place | Ken Roczen

1st: 28%

2nd: 60%

3rd: 8%

Ninety-six percent of all users had Roczen on the podium.

250 Podium Stats

1st Place | Jeremy Martin

1st: 77%

2nd: 18%

3rd: 2%

Ninety-seven percent of all users had Martin on the podium.

2nd Place | Zach Osborne

1st: 0.2%

2nd: 2%

3rd: 17%

Nineteen percent of all users had Osborne on the podium.

3rd Place | Cooper Webb

1st: 1%

2nd: 9%

3rd: 42%

Fifty-two percent of all users had Webb on the podium.

Barcia's last win should have convinced those who were doubtful of his ability to reach the podium.
Barcia's last win should have convinced those who were doubtful of his ability to reach the podium. photo: Cudby

They Were Who We Thought They Were

Despite 70 percent of users picking Dungey for the win, he still garnered the most points in the 450 Class with just over 20,000. Ken Roczen was second at 16,490. No surprise in 250MX, as Jeremy Martin brought in more than 25,000 points—the highest of any rider. Webb was next with 17,522. You guys nailed Alex Martin’s fifth as well, as he was third with 15,644.

Below are the stats for the top ten of dynasty points earned for Budds Creek. In short, the more points a rider earned, the more accurate the user base played them.

450 Class

Place Rider Finish Pts. Earned
1 Ryan Dungey 2nd 20,168
2 Ken Roczen 3rd 16,490
3 Christophe Pourcel 6th 14,448
4 Broc Tickle 4th 13,610
5 Kyle Chisholm 14th 13,371
6 Blake Baggett 8th 12,835
7 Justin Barcia 1st 12,707
8 Justin Brayton 9th 12,696
9 Wil Hahn 13th 12,386
10 Phil Nicoletti 12th 12,161

250 Class

Place Rider Finish Pts. Earned
1 Jeremy Martin 1st 25,249
2 Cooper Webb 3rd 17,522
3 Alex Martin 5th 15,644
4 Jessy Nelson 9th 12,066
5 Zach Osborne 2nd 11,004
6 Mitchell Oldenburg 2nd 10,405
7 Matt Bisceglia 11th 10,341
8 Shane McElrath 16th 9,966
9 RJ Hampshire 10th 9,873
10 Marvin Musquin 6th 9,830

Notable news

- Josh Grant is back, replacing the injured Wil Hahn at Monster Energy Kawasaki. Grant raced just two rounds in 2015 before a knee injury and the closure of his team keep him sidelined.

- Andrew Short returns for his first Lucas Oil Pro Motocross race in 2015. We caught up with Shorty earlier this week.

- Cole Seely is also back after missing RedBud with a leg injury.

- Arnaud Tonus was expected to return this weekend, but injured his shoulder further delaying his U.S. outdoor debut.

J-Mart should be a lock for the podium.
J-Mart should be a lock for the podium. photo: Cudby

Top Picks

250 Class

The Minnesota Boys
I really like a Martin double podium this weekend, with Jeremy taking the win and Alex nudging his way into third. Don’t forget about Mitchell Oldenburg and Zach Williams, also from Minnesota. Oldenburg could be a solid top-ten pick with Williams a solid fifteen to twenty guy.

Marvin Musquin
We won’t really know how Musquin’s wrist injury is affecting his riding until Saturday. Keep an eye on practice and see if he is putting together multiple fast laps, instead of a heater to get a good pick.

Zach Osborne
This guy has been a beast of late, and I don’t think it stops this weekend. It can’t hurt he probably continued to plug away with the Tomacs during the break.

Christian Craig
Another Minnesota guy, kind of. Originally from Southern California, Craig moved to Minnesota not long ago and should excel this weekend. Remember, he led a number of laps at RedBud.

Justin Hill
Hill was decent in his return at RedBud (fourteenth overall), but should improve following a week off.

450 Class

Josh Grant
It’s unclear where Grant’s fitness is, as he’s been out since Thunder Valley. If anything holds him back, it may be lack of gate time. Proceed with caution until he has a few races under his belt.

Andrew Short
See, Grant, Josh above. Short told us this week he still isn’t 100 percent and is racing his way back into shape. That could be factor this weekend with temperatures expected to be in the low nineties. As with Grant, let him get his feet wet before throwing into the top-five mix.

Tommy Hahn
Tommy is left carrying the Hahn flag with Wil sidelined. He’s been a top-ten fixture of late. Keep him around eight to twelve this weekend.

Gannon Audette
The Minnesota resident, currently residing in Florida, made the long drive to the race this weekend. He told us earlier this week he doesn’t like the sand all that much—"It doesn’t make much sense, I know. Down where I live, in Tallahassee, we don’t have much sand to ride”—so keep that in mind this weekend.

Jesse Wentland
Another Minnesotan—seriously, what do they put in the water up there? Do they just have pro-moto guys growing off trees?—that should do well this weekend. Wentland was solid at RedBud (fifteenth overall); look for it to continue at home.

Proceed with caution when it comes to Josh Grant.
Proceed with caution when it comes to Josh Grant. photo: Spencer Owens

Race X League Standings (After Round 7)

  1. Chase Stallo – Online Managing Editor: 5462pts
  2. Steve Matthes – Editor-at-Large: 5373pts
  3. Noelle Harris – Online Copy Editor: 5222pts
  4. Jason Weigandt – Online Editor: 5066pts
  5. Mark Rodgers – Brand Marketing, Motorcycle Superstore: 4990pts

Suck it, Steve.

User Stats | Podiums

Ever wonder who has racked up the most prizes and where they are from in fantasy? Wonder no longer. Below are top prize winners and states in Racer X MotoDynasty Fantasy from supercross, motocross and MXGP.

Top Fantasy MX/SX States by Podium Finishes

  1. California - 21
  2. Georgia - 17
  3. Pennsylvania - 11
  4. Florida - 10
  5. Washington - 9
  6. Canada - 7
  7. Texas - 7
  8. Ohio - 5
  9. Colorado - 5
  10. Minnesota - 5
  11. Oregon - 4
  12. Australia - 4
  13. Illinois - 4
  14. Tennessee - 3
  15. Oklahoma - 3
  16. Massachusetts - 3
  17. Missouri - 3
  18. New York - 2
  19. Nevada - 2
  20. Kentucky - 2
  21. Germany - 2
  22. Michigan - 2
  23. Arizona - 2
  24. Utah - 1
  25. Idaho - 1
  26. Maryland - 1
  27. Wisconsin - 1
  28. New Jersey - 1
  29. South Carolina - 1
  30. West Virginia - 1


  1. bsmith585_cr - 6
  2. dwallzee - 5
  3. rmarq128 - 5
  4. Lil_184 - 5
  5. usaddict - 4
  6. Hammerhead251 - 4
  7. honda0205 - 4
  8. smee113 - 3
  9. Sami - 3
  10. simohillo - 3
  11. racer33 - 3
  12. kiwimark - 3
  13. GOFAST - 3
  14. Randy831 - 3
  15. teeDawg829 - 3
  16. Travmx821- 3


We will be giving away weekly and grand prizes for Fantasy Motocross. Weekly prizes will vary, with Stance giving away some great stuff this week. We are also pleased to announce our Grand Prizes. Thanks to all our great sponsors: Scott, Never Summer, Bell, EVS, TCX, Renthal, Fugoo, Leatt, and Alpinestars.

(Note: Players must be prize eligible in both 450 and 250 classes to win the grand prize package.)

250 and 450 Prizes | Millville

1st place: Dragon Alliance MDX Gold Icon goggles

2nd place: Dragon Alliance MDX Gold Icon goggles

3rd place: Dragon Alliance MDX Gold Icon goggles

Sign up to win.
Sign up to win.

Grand Prizes

450 and 250 Combined Overall Grand Prize:

Scott MTB and a Never Summer snowboard.

450 and 250 Class Grand Prizes:

1st place: Never Summer Snowboard

2nd place: Bell Moto-9 Helmet

3rd place: EVS WEB Pro Knee Brace

4th place: TCX Boots

5th place: Renthal Twinwalls and Kevlar Grips

6th place: Fugoo Tough speaker

7th place: Leatt Prize Pack

8th place: Alpinestars Prize Pack

9th place: Scott Hustle Goggles and Goggle Case

10th place: Racer X Prize Pack

Thanks for coming out. If you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up at chase@racerxonline.com or on Twitter.