Race Tech Returns Engine Services

July 9, 2015 9:05am | by:

For over thirty years Race Tech has been a trusted leader in the hi-performance world of the motorcycle industry specializing in suspension, but what many may not know is Race Tech started as an engine company. When the pieces to the puzzle came together again in 2015, Race Tech has set out to return to the world of providing engine machining and services to builders and tuners around the globe.

Building a high-quality engine requires a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, knowledgable technicians. Race Tech provides quality, precision engine services using the best equipment and processes in the industry. The staff at Race Tech has over sixty-five years of championship-winning engine building and tuning experience formally educated by the world's most renowned engineers.

Much like Paul Thede, the owner of Race Tech who started as an engine tuner; the same is true for Race Tech's Head of Research and Development, Rob Brown.  A former championship winning engine tuner who picked up suspension based on customer demands, Rob has a rich history and passion for building high-quality, reliable engines.

The missing pieces of the puzzle were filled when Race Tech had the opportunity to pick-up all the engine building equipment Rob was familiar with, and when rumors started floating, Andrew Flores became excited and approached Race Tech about an opportunity to join the team and be hands on with the engine department.

"When handling as many different projects as Race Tech does, whether it is motocross and supercross suspension, building our custom forks and shocks for street, and now the engine department; we offer the same 100 percent performance guarantee. In order to do that, we have to have the right staff in place to perform at the highest level on all our projects. Andrew brings a great reputation as a top-notch engine builder to work alongside Paul and Rob without taking focus away from an extremely sucessful suspension program that continues to evolve as well," stated Race Tech's Director of Marketing, Chris Riesenberg.

Race Tech's Engine Services department is open for business.  With a variety of options backed by flow-bench and dyno data, services also come with a spec-sheet and a 100 percent guarantee. Whether you are looking for maintenance or a hi-performance engine, Race Tech has services available to meet your needs and budget. Dealer and Center pricing is available.

For inquiries or a quote, please contact Sydney Ruge, Race Tech's Service Manager at sydney@racetech.com or 951.279.6655 ext. 2.

Learn more about Race Tech Engine Services on the Race Tech website at racetech.com.