Racer X Fantasy: RedBud Preview

Racer X Fantasy RedBud Preview

July 3, 2015 10:00am

Racer X has partnered with MotoDynasty to bring you Fantasy Motocross. We'll be offering cool weekly and series prizes; dynasty play; private leagues that just you and you're buddies can play in; weekly fantasy previews; and weekly podcasts all focused on fantasy.

How to Play

1.) Sign-Up: This will be the easiest decision you've made all week. Go to motodynasty.racerxonline.com to sign up. 

2.) Play Options: There are two different ways to play Racer X MotoDynasty Fantasy Supercross. 

A.) Dynasty play is where you test your skills against thousands of others to win weekly and series prizes.

B.) Create or join a private league with your buddies, co-workers, family, the dude at the local watering hole—whoever. You can talk smack on your way to the league title.

They Were Who We Thought They Were

They say mud is the great equalizer. Whether you believe so or not, one thing is for certain: it totally destroyed nearly everyone’s fantasy picks last week. Mr. Steady Broc Tickle scored the most points, with only 17,782. With neither Ryan Dungey or Ken Roczen on the podium, we all took a bath last week.

Below are the stats for the top ten of dynasty points earned for Budds Creek. In short, the more points a rider earned, the more accurate the user base played them. And, well, the 450 Class threw a wrench in everyone’s weekend.

The second chart outlines how many users correctly predicted the podium for each class. And only 2 percent of users had Justin Barcia winning last weekend. You guys deserve a pat on the back. You’re truly amazing fantasy players.

450 Class

Place Rider Finish Pts. Earned
1 Broc Tickle 7th 17,782
2 Blake Baggett 3rd 16,405
3 Justin Brayton 11th 15,613
4 Jason Anderson 6th 15,516
5 Phil Nicoletti 8th 15,412
6 Ken Roczen 4th 14,898
7 Wil Hahn 10th 14,522
8 Ryan Dungey 5th 13,452
9 Justin Barcia 1st 13,057
10 Christophe Pourcel 2nd 12,652

250 Class

Place Rider Finish Pts. Earned
1 Marvin Musquin 1st 18,855
2 Zach Osborne 5th 14,848
3 Adam Cianciarulo 6th 12,221
4 Shane McElrath 13th 12,045
5 Jeremy Martin 4th 11,891
6 Jessy Nelson 10th 11,410
7 Christian Craig 7th 10,673
8 Alex Martin 2nd 10,604
9 Joey Savatgy 3rd 10,550
10 Cooper Webb 8th 10,520
Tickle's consistency paid off last week in fantasy.
Tickle's consistency paid off last week in fantasy. Cudby

450 Podium Stats

1st Place | Justin Barcia

1st: 2%

2nd: 3.5%

3rd: 20%

2nd Place | Christophe Pourcel

1st: 1.5%

2nd: 3.5%

3rd: 16%

3rd Place | Blake Baggett

1st: 0

2nd: 1.5%

3rd: 14%

250 Podium Stats

1st Place | Marvin Musquin

1st: 32%

2nd: 45%

3rd: 12%

2nd Place | Alex Martin

1st: 1%

2nd: 4%

3rd: 5%

3rd Place | Joey Savatgy

1st: 0

2nd: 0

3rd: 2%

Notable News

  • Ben LaMay will make his Lucas Oil Pro Motocross debut this weekend. A top-fifteen pick isn’t a stretch.
  • Over in Europe, both Max Nagl (MXGP) and Aleksandr Tonkov (MX2) are out for the MXGP of Sweden. Tonkov will miss the reaminder of the season. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Herlings is expected to race despite sustaining a shoulder injury at the MXGP of Germany that required surgery.
Nearly a third of those who played last week had Marvin winning.
Nearly a third of those who played last week had Marvin winning. Cudby

Top Picks

250 Class

Jordon Smith
Smith has averaged a 14.6 finish in the first moto, compared to an 8.6 in the second this season. Until his first moto scores even out, top five is a stretch.

Nick Gaines
The rookie finally put together consistent motos last weekend, under less than ideal conditions. But, Gaines tends to do well in the mud (See Indiana, 2014). Top fifteen may be pushing it.

Jessy Nelson
Eventually Nelson will get the ship turned in the right direction, right? It may not be this weekend though. Keep an eye on practice to see where he stacks up.

Mitchell Oldenburg
Oldenburg has been stuck in the 10-15 range all season. Not sure I see that changing this weekend.

Shane McElrath
McElrath has finished ninth or tenth in seven motos this year. Seven! Makes sense to keep him there.

450 Class

Justin Barcia
How does BamBam respond after his first career win? I honestly have no idea. Good luck. But, if I had to guess, I would say fifth overall.

Weston Peick
Throw out last week’s second moto (Weston had mechanical troubles) and he has an average finish of 8.6 over the last six motos. Keep that in mind.

Jason Anderson
The mud zapped Anderson’s recent momentum, but look for him to rebound this weekend. Prior to Budds Creek, he was averaging a 3.25 finish in the prior four motos.

Kyle Cunningham
Cunningham appears to be adjusting nicely with the Suzuki. Top fifteen is a good start.

Fredrik Noren
What a difference a year makes. Last year, Noren made his factory Honda debut at RedBud finishing eleventh overall. This year, he’s back with factory Honda in a fill in roll. Now that we think about it, he’s in the exact same position as a year ago—albeit he did have a prior ride this year. Anyway, look for Noren to sneak into the top ten this weekend.

Peick has averaged around eighth place this season.
Peick has averaged around eighth place this season. Cudby

Race X League Standings (After Round 6)

  1. Chase Stallo – Online Managing Editor: 4578pts
  2. Steve Matthes – Editor-at-Large: 4549pts
  3. Noelle Harris – Online Copy Editor: 4354pts
  4. Jason Weigandt – Online Editor: 4256pts
  5. Mark Rodgers – Brand Marketing, Motorcycle Superstore: 4238pts


We will be giving away weekly and grand prizes for Fantasy Motocross. Weekly prizes will vary, with Stance giving away some great stuff this week. We are also pleased to announce our Grand Prizes. Thanks to all our great sponsors: Scott, Never Summer, Bell, EVS, TCX, Renthal, Fugoo, Leatt, and Alpinestars.

(Note: Players must be prize eligible in both 450 and 250 classes to win the grand prize package.)

250 and 450 Prizes | RedBud

1st place: DeCal Works Readymade Complete Graphics Kit (includes pre-printed backgrounds)

2nd place: DeCal Works Readymade Complete Graphics Kit (includes pre-printed backgrounds)

3rd place: DeCal Works Readymade Complete Graphics Kit (includes pre-printed backgrounds)

Grand Prizes

450 and 250 Combined Overall Grand Prize:

Scott MTB and a Never Summer snowboard.

450 and 250 Class Grand Prizes:

1st place: Never Summer Snowboard

2nd place: Bell Moto-9 Helmet

3rd place: EVS WEB Pro Knee Brace

4th place: TCX Boots

5th place: Renthal Twinwalls and Kevlar Grips

6th place: Fugoo Tough speaker

7th place: Leatt Prize Pack

8th place: Alpinestars Prize Pack

9th place: Scott Hustle Goggles and Goggle Case

10th place: Racer X Prize Pack

Thanks for coming out. If you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up at chase@racerxonline.com or on Twitter.