Injury Report: Budds Creek

Injury Report Budds Creek

June 26, 2015 1:30pm


Jimmy Albertson – Shoulders
Comment: Albertson is out for the year while he recovers from bilateral shoulder surgery. 

Trey Canard – Arm
Comment: Canard broke his left arm in Detroit. He’s back on the bike, but as of now there is no firm return date. 

Adam Enticknap – Wrist
Comment: Enticknap’s wrist, which was broken in several places, required surgery. It’s unlikely we’ll see him ripping and/or swerving in the immediate future.

Josh Grant: Knee
Comment: Grant had arthroscopic surgery on his knee to clean up the damage sustained to his meniscus at Thunder Valley. He’d hoped to be back by Budds Creek, but with his team, TwoTwo Motorsports, shutting its doors, that’s no longer going to happen. For more info, go here.

Josh Hill - Collarbone, Ribs, and Lung
Comment: River Yamaha's Josh Hill is out for the summer after sustaining serious injuries during supercross.

Robert Lind – Chest Wound
Comment: Lind is still recovering from injuries sustained in supercross.

Chad Reed – Shoulder
Comment: Reed recently underwent shoulder surgery and will miss the rest of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Killy Rusk – Concussion
Comment: Rusk will miss Budds Creek after sustaining a concussion at High Point. He hopes to be back for RedBud. 

Andrew Short – Kneecap
Comment: Short broke his kneecap in supercross. He’s back on the bike and hopes to race again at Spring Creek (Millville).

Eli Tomac – Shoulder
Comment: Tomac dislocated his right shoulder and tore his left rotator cuff in a crash at Thunder Valley. He’s out for the season. 

Jake Weimer – Humerus, Lung, Throat, and Concussion
Comment: Weimer had a big crash in Detroit during supercross and sustained a broken right humerus, collapsed left lung, concussion, fractured Adam’s apple, bruised vocal chords, and a split chin. He isn’t expected to race any of the remaining nationals.

Dean Wilson – Torn ACL/MCL
Comment: Wilson recently told us a return for the last few nationals is a possibility.

Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha will be back in full force at Budds Creek.
Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha will be back in full force at Budds Creek. Cudby


Zach Bell – Back
Comment: Bell is sitting out to let a back injury heal. There is no timetable on his return.

Justin Bogle – Shoulder and Internal Bruising
Comment: Bogle went down at Hangtown. His shoulder is taking a bit longer than expected to heal and he will miss Budds Creek. 

Tyler Bowers – Back
Comment: Bowers underwent surgery to fix two compressed discs and a displacement of the L5 vertebrae. He’s out for the summer. 

Martin Davalos – Epstein-Barr Virus
Comment: Davalos is recovering and hopes to be back at RedBud.

Darryn Durham – Wrist
Comment: Durham bent a screw in his wrist at A1. He hopes to be able to enter some races at the end of the season.

Alex Frye – Wrist
Comment: Frye crashed in the first turn of the second moto at High Point and dislocated his wrist. He hopes to return for the final three rounds. 

Justin Hill – Concussion
Comment: Hill suffered a concussion during practice at Thunder Valley when he landed on a downed rider. He should be back for RedBud.

Michael Leib – Leg
Comment: Leib underwent surgery to repair his right tib/fib, his right foot, right big toe, and left pinky toe after a crash in practice in Oakland. He hopes to be ready for Washougal.

Jackson Richardson – Hand
Comment: Richardson broke his hand in a practice incident and is expected to miss at least a few weeks.

Anthony Rodriguez – Various
Comment: Rodriguez crashed before Glen Helen while practicing. He’ll make his return this weekend. 

Arnaud Tonus – Illness
Comment: Tonus will miss Budds Creek but is still hoping to get a few races in by the end of the season.

Cooper Webb – Ankle
Comment: Webb is returning this weekend at Budds Creek. For more information, go here.