Romain Febvre Wins Again, Vaults into MXGP Points Lead

June 21, 2015 12:05pm | by:
Romain Febvre Wins Again, Vaults into MXGP Points Lead

The script continues to be rewritten in the 2015 edition of the FIM World Motocross Championship. Where to even begin. Pre-season title favorites Ryan Villopoto and Clement Desalle have been lost due to injury. Antonio Cairoli injured his wrist a week ago, but continues to ride through the pain. Max Nagl sustained a small fracture in his ankle in qualifying yesterday and missed his home GP. Jeffrey Herlings left Sunday’s race early after crashing hard in the first moto and suffering a cracked collarbone. And, as we all predicated, MXGP rookie Romain Febvre is the new championship leader in MXGP.

And … exhale.

It’s been an exhausting MXGP of Germany—one that’s claimed respective point leaders in MXGP and MX2, seen a new points leader in MXGP and a French 1-2 finish. Romain Febvre, winner of three consecutive GPs, is the new points leader in MXGP—holding a nine point advantage over Nagl. Febvre went 1-2 today in Germany to claim the overall over French counterpart Gautier Paulin. Kevin Strijbos finished third.

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Fortunately for Jeffrey Herlings he entered the weekend with a 139 point advantage in MX2. Herlings left Sunday’s race early after sustaining a cracked collarbone in a violent crash in the first moto. Tim Gajser took advantage of his absence to claim the GP over Max Anstie and Valentin Guillod. Herlings holds a 100 point advantage heading to the MXGP of Sweden on July 5.

It’s unknown at this time if Herlings will miss time due to his shoulder injury.

MXGP Overall

1. Romain Febvre
2. Gautier Paulin
3. Kevin Strijbos
4. Jeremy Van Horebeek
5. Evgeny Bobryshev
6. Dean Ferris
7. Shaun Simpson
8. Christophe Charlier
9. Antonio Cairoli
10. Glenn Coldenhoff

MXGP Point Standings

1. Romain Febvre 369
2. Max Nagl 360
3. Antonio Cairoli 352
4. Gautier Paulin 324
5. Evgeny Bobryshev 306

MX2 Overall

1. Tim Gajser
2. Max Anstie
3. Valentin Guillod
4. Jordi Tixier
5. Juilen Lieber
6. Jeremy Seewer
7. Pauls Jonass
8. Benoit Paturel
9. Brian Bogers
10. Henry Jacobi

MX2 Point Standings

1. Jeffrey Herlings 398
2. Tim Gajser 298
3. Valentin Guillod 297
4. Pauls Jonass 288
5. Jordi Tixier 286