Introducing LITPro

June 16, 2015 1:00pm | by:

Temecula, CA - NZN Labs introduces LITProTM, the gold standard for training and performance analytics in motocross.

LITPro is the world’s best training tool for motocross athletes and their respective teams. By employing proprietary HD-GPSTM technology and fusing it with various other sensors and technologies, LITPro provides the most advanced and comprehensive view of every moment spent on the track. Benefit from LITPro’s insights to achieve faster laps, better starts, and a more effective overall training program.

“If you analyze race results at any level, the difference between first and fourth place is a few percentage points—only 0.965 seconds per lap for this year’s Supercross season. That is an incredibly narrow margin separating the champion from the forgotten. Everything we do with LITPro aims to show a rider how to achieve at least one second of improvement per lap.” said Michael Ford, president and co-founder of NZN Labs. “We have had the great fortune of working with some of the best athletes, trainers, and factory race teams in the sport to validate and improve LITPro. We are excited to deliver these factory level capabilities to the broader motocross community. ”

“My biggest goal is elevating the track experience where we can not so much have quantity of riding, but quality riding.” said Aldon Baker, professional trainer. “In order to have quality riding, we need to be able to isolate where the problem areas are on the track. And with LITPro, we can condense and really isolate the issues and opportunities, so when they get back out there it is a way better, more productive, training. This is what I’ve been looking for for many years.”

LITPro’s key features include:

LITPro’s embedded and patent pending technologies include:

LITPro is available now at for $399. LITPro works with most iPhone and iPad devices. The LITPro Sync and LITPro MX Apps are available now in the Apple App Store.

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