EKS Introduces EZ Tear

June 4, 2015 9:05am | by:

Have you ever pulled all, or at least more than one, tear-offs off at a time? Of course you have. Usually, it’s a mud race and it probably happened on the first lap, and you probably ended up getting smoked because you couldn’t see the rest of the moto.

EKS Brand has a solution to this long-time problem. The EZ Tear is a patent-pending invention that helps you to pull one tear-off at a time. The EZ Tear is a hollow, ramp shaped device that attaches to your goggle strap. Its purpose is to hide the folded, back up tear-offs and only allows the top tear-off tab to be exposed. When you reach up to pull the tear-off your thumb is somewhat guided by the ramp directly to the top tear-off. When it’s pulled the next tear-off in line then pops out from below the hollow ramp and is then exposed to be pulled. Another great feature of this device is that it works on 95 percent of the goggles and goggle brands out there.

This unique product is available through the EKS BRAND web site, www.eksbrand.com and at fine retailers everywhere. At $12.99 it’s a product that needs to be in every guy's goggle bag!