Ask Ping

Ask Ping

May 15, 2015 9:25am

Dear Ping,

I remember when you used to come up to Vegas here and we had a really good time on the Pulpmx Show. Lots of laughs, we ate Chipotle together, drank coffee and made magic. So your absence from the show for some time now has been a bit weird. Did I say or do something to freak you out? Was it my pepper breath from the Chipotle? Did one of the Bassets attack you?

Please come home, we miss you

Steve Matthes


Look, I told you that I forgave you for coming into the spare bedroom that night after the show and watching me sleep. You muttered something about me "looking like an angel" under your breath before I could fully awaken, and then you darted out the door almost faster, per the laws of physics, than a man your size should move. It was weird. I spent the rest of that terrifying night curled up in the corner of the room waiting for the sweet break of daylight so I could run to my car and fly down the interstate out of Las Vegas. I've had strange nights in that city, but nothing like that. Anyway, I've worked through most of the emotional trauma, and as long as we maintain our personal space boundaries, I'm willing to come back to Vegas for a show. You have my standard talent rider, which includes a Chipotle burrito, a cup of freshly ground coffee that is exactly 105 degrees (not 106, Steve), and a bowl full of red M&Ms. Also—please don't forget that I'll need Pookie to brush my hair one hundred times before I go to bed.

Thanks, Steve. I'm looking forward to working with you again.



Dear Ping,

I hope this finds you well. While my wife was trying to sign me up for a frequent traveler program yesterday we came across the security question "what was your childhood nickname?" Obviously this was an easy question to answer and remember in the event I should ever need to revert to my third security question to bust into my account. "Snack pack" was my answer. Now, nearly ten years on, I feel it's time for an adulthood nickname so that when I'm 50 and they ask me for my "nickname," not childhood nickname, I can answer something other than snack pack and being that you made this name stick I figured there would be no one better to give me a new nickname just as flashy! Let's put this to bed once and for all. 


Zach Osborne
Used to be aka snack pack


I've been sitting here for a while now staring blankly at the computer screen trying to come up with something better than "Snack Pack," but I'm not having much luck. I was trying to get behind "Ozzy," and I thought you could run with the whole Crazy Train thing and maybe bite the head off a live bat on the podium? That seemed too gross. Then I thought maybe we work with Zach and call you Z or Z-Man, but that would just turn into the bland ZO16 and I'm not a fan of that. I could play off one of your features like, say, your eyebrows, but I don't want you to get mad at me again. I guess what I'm saying is—go with Ozzy or just forget about a nickname and use your first pet’s name on your security questions. Sorry again about the snack pack thing. Good luck this weekend, buddy.



Hi Ping,

My name is Challin and recently I picked up a 1996 KX125 from a guy in San Diego. It's my first dirt bike and I was adamant about getting a 2-stroke. My husband has a KX250 that I rode some before getting my own and he suggested a 125 for my "starter" bike...

Anyways, after we bought the bike my husband was going through it making sure everything was good and, although we knew it had a lot of Pro Circuit parts on it, he kept finding more and more. Plus, the frame is powder-coated flo green. He's pretty familiar with Pro Circuit and told me that there is a possibility that this is an old Pro Circuit race bike. When we took off the seat this weekend, there is writing on the seat pan that says, "D. Ping" "resale".

Can you shed any light as to why that is there? Am I really cool enough to have picked up an old race bike & possibly your old bike, as my first bike/2-stroke? :) 

Thanks for your time in reading this and possibly answering,

Challin Cox
Yuma, AZ


I don't know for sure if the bike you have is a legit Pro Circuit bike from 1996, but it sounds like it. At the end of the season teams will take all the race parts off the bikes and put them back to stock, or close to stock, to sell them. The parts and pieces that go to each bike are marked with the rider’s name or number. They usually go to a local buyer, or they get sold in bulk and are shipped out of the country in a crate. It sounds like you got one of my old team bikes from 1996. I don't know how well the guy you bought it from took care of it, but hopefully it will be a good bike for you. If it really was one of my bikes it doesn't have much time on it—I can promise you that. I broke my femur three rounds into the series that year and spent most of the year on the couch healing up. Here's hoping that old girl treats you better than she did me.


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