Gurrnaid Energy Drink Extends Partnership with AG Motorsports

September 17, 2014 9:25am | by:

Bristol, TN  – AG Motorsports is proud to announce that Gurrnaid® Energy Drink has extended their partnership agreement with the team through 2015.

“We are very excited to continue our partnership with Gurrnaid® Energy Drink for the upcoming 2015 season and beyond”, said Al Albiker, Team Manager. “Gurrnaid® Energy Drink infused with vitamins is an amazing drink. It has a great taste and gives you the boost and energy you need to help you get through your day. Our sport is a great fit for the brand as our fan base is a fast paced on the go consumer who tries to get every minute out of every day. Our riders and crew are stretching their limits daily trying to be the best and Gurrnaid® Energy Drink helps us achieve that. Ryan and Renate are super people and we are blessed to have them onboard. We are looking forward to the season starting and representing such a great brand on the track.”

As an avid sports enthusiast, Ryan Auth, founder of Gurrnaid® had been searching for an alternative to the highly sugared energy and sports drinks that have flooded the market. Although many beverage companies added “healthier” drinks to their lineup, they either lack the taste and flavor profiles that people crave, or exciting new packaging necessary to break through to new and existing consumers.

Ryan and the Gurrnaid® team created a tasty carbonated beverage available in 5 new flavors. The energy drinks are made with 100% natural flavors, loaded with Vitamin B and other body energizing ingredients.

“We are very excited for the 2015 season to begin”, said Ryan Auth, Founder and Renate Cordts-Auth, Chairman of Gurrnaid® Energy Drink. “Gurrnaid® and AG Motorsports are both fledging companies and understand what it means to be the new kids on the block. We’re competing against the best in the beverage industry and the best in the world of motocross & supercross. Having the same goals, together we will succeed.” 

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