SHOEI Announces 2015 MX Graphics

September 10, 2014 3:50pm | by:

Everyone at SHOEI® has a meticulous attention to detail. This characteristic shines through when looking at the finished products. Everything from the handcrafted shell, to the seven-stage paint process and final assembly requires highly skilled technicians and rigorous quality control check points. No stone is left unturned when developing and producing the world’s premier motorcycle helmet. 


  • Block-Pass TC-1, TC-2, & TC-5 – is SHOEI®’s latest sport graphic for the off-road helmet. It comes in a high gloss finish and three different color ways to appeal to all those different brands of riders out there. MSRP $613.99 
  • Maelstrom TC-1, TC-4, & TC-8 – has a very aggressive and vibrant theme. This new design will definitely stand out from some of the other graphics. This one comes in the high gloss finish and also in three different color ways to appeal to a wide variety of riders. MSRP $613.99 

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