Weimer, Peick, Ferry, Enticknap & Holley on Pulpmx Show

August 25, 2014 1:40pm | by:

And that’s a wrap! The 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is over with the checkered flag waving at Trey Canard in the second 450MX moto in Utah. The Pulpmx Show presented by BTOSports.com comes in tonight with a look at the series from all angles with hosts Steve Matthes and tonight, privateer Adam Enticknap in the house.

The 722 will come in to talk about how his Utah national went and offer his usual enthusiasm and comic relief throughout the show. 

Jake Weimer’s miserable motocross season ended on a down note with Weimer watching the final moto due to injury. We like Jake, he’s a good dude and we’ll have him on the show to talk about this year, next year and try to brighten his spirits.

Weston Peick’s been a real success story this year with his fill-in ride at RCH for the outdoors. Each and every week Peick’s been there putting in some great rides and narrowly missing out on a top five finish in the points. We’ll have Weston on tonight to talk about escaping privateer island, his outdoor season and we’ll ask him about supporting the 722.

1999 Summercross Champion Timmy Ferry is working with Trey Canard and RJ Hampshire at the races and we’ll have Red Dog on to talk about watching Canard win four out of the last five motos, Hampshire’s adaption to the pro’s and perhaps go down memory lane.

Jim Holley will join us for a bit to talk about this Swedish SX race he organizes every year and we’ll see what else is new with Gentlemen Jim tonight. 

Kenny Watson says he wants to come on to talk about this Sycuan Casino race this weekend. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Of course, Fly Racing’s own Jason Thomas will join us to bench race on the series and probably get into an argument or two along the way. 

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We’ll also answer the N-Fab Question of the Day as well as read off some Race Tech emails. Our hosts will be under the gun with the EKS Brand goggles Tear Off segment. 

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