Rev Up: End Game

Rev Up End Game

August 22, 2014 11:00am

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. I frequently begin a series-ending column with one of my favorite movie quotes. As a movie aficionado, I have quite an arsenal of cinema dialog in my wheelhouse. However, this one little ditty from the Matrix Trilogy always hits to the bone. “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” In the beginning, the anxiety and anticipation are fresh and thriving, and some of us take the onset for granted, but for the initiated that is the most cherry part of the game. Bring it on, enjoy it, and then bring me more, until there is no more. If you’ve been around the block you know that eventually it comes to a conclusion. This Saturday afternoon will conclude the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, and pretty much bring an end to the summer season.

What a summer it has been. Like all, they come and go in a flash, but this summer of professional motocross has been exceptional. It had it all: from blue bird weather and track conditions, to down-right nasty racing action, to the probable inevitability of two first time champions. To boot we may see a rookie 450cc champion be crowned this weekend.

This series literally had everything, including a mud race. Ho, ho. I’ve said it before and I will reiterate that no pro motocross championship is truly earned without throwing down a mud race performance. If you race motocross, you race in the mud. Every flier I ever got in the mail as a kid from the local tracks had an ominous disclaimer somewhere within its contents: Rain or shine. That’s right, folks. Pretty bikes, pretty gear, and pretty girls—if you want to be a man in this sport, you know how to get the job done whether the sun shines, or the heavens unleash hell. It is the same set of handlebars, and the throttle always sits on the right side. Last weekend was awesome. It gives our sport fortitude. 

Through the rain and mud, Roczen has proven he has what it takes. 
Through the rain and mud, Roczen has proven he has what it takes.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Speaking of fortitude, I could only smile watching young Ken Roczen take the first moto holeshot standing on the legs in a two-tire drift whilst holding his Red Bull KTM wide open. Millimeters of tire contact, body positioning, and pure human will made the difference between that holeshot and the end of his championship fight. And, my friends, a little luck. All champions are lucky.

So, how does a 7-point lead differ from a 20-point lead? A pad load, buddy. Utah may see some rain, so there is a stretch of paranoia associated with closing this thing out, but after all we have seen from the hard German, is there anything that will get in his way of his title conquest? I don’t think so. He just has to go out and close the deal.

Is it over? Yes, it is. I’m a firm believer in karma and a force that shadows us on this mud ball. Through the years I’ve learned to listen to my instincts and understand when things are on a path, they will stay the course. There are just too many positives about Roczen winning this championship to allow anything but that eventuality to exist. The first German 450cc AMA Motocross Champion in motocross history is going to happen. And, he deserves it. What an awesome kid. Like all fans, I monitor his social media outlets and marvel at his innate ability to handle all of this madness in a manner wise beyond his years. He is truly a product of a strong family upbringing, and as a good-looking, cool, and driven young man he is playing the game right.

Brotherly love trumps all. 
Brotherly love trumps all.  Photo: Chase Stallo

The song remains the same for newly crowned 250cc champion Jeremy Martin. What an American folklore story—a motocross family through and through. It’s so refreshing to see one of the good guys win. The prime catalyst in his amazing accomplishment is family. It took all of them to make it happen, and all of them are so very proud, especially his older brother, Alex. Do you think Alex is jealous of his younger brother? I don’t think so. He is probably the most proud. I know there is nobody more proud of my younger brother than me.

There is nothing stronger in the world than family.

This weekend is the end game for two very different, but extremely familiar motocross families. It’s a victory lap for Jeremy Martin, but just one more walk in the park for the Roczen folks. There are only two motos remaining to finish the game and get the job done. Go finish the game, Roczen. The world is yours. 

Thanks for reading; see you next week.