Ken Roczen to Leave KTM?

July 31, 2014 6:35pm

We spotted an interview over at with KTM’s Pit Beirer talking about Ken Roczen parting ways with KTM. We went ahead and translated the article with Google Translate, so the text below is very rough. Read below:

By Wolfgang Brandt

Original Article (in German):

Google Translated version:

What actually haunted an open secret by the global MX scene for months, is now official: Ken Roczen will leave his employer KTM and pretty sure the upcoming season for Suzuki at record hunting. We talked with KTM Motorsports boss Pit Beirer about the departure of the German Superstars:

Hello Pit! KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has recently divulged, hence again the question to you: Is the KTM Ken Roczen disposal of fixed now? 

"Yes, Ken is left to us - this is now definitely decided, but we still want to fight to the last day with him for the championship! We had a great time with each other and if all goes well, won three major titles in the time together and we wish him the best of luck and success in the future. "

So you draw no longer an option to negotiate that you have indeed still kept open to you?

"The contract had provided that we still have two weeks together can negotiate an extension from 1 September. But it is so that the numbers at issue and its management has presented to us, are so high that we will no longer take part in the "bidding war" in September. "

Kenny and Ryan (Dungey) stuck so just head to head in the middle of the final phase of the battle for the title 450 U.S. Outdoor Championship. What influence does Kenny's departure in this respect now from KTM view it? It is likely that you a title win by Ryan would now be significantly better, right? 

"This medal can look at from two sides. On the one hand, we are pleased when we win, we do not care about we need to hang. Of course, our emotions are now closer to Ryan, because we know that He abides with us. On the other hand, we are also very proud of what route we did with Ken and if you could end the with a very important title in America, that would be just as great. We're so happy or so on the title and may even run both guys, both of which are in the best possible care and they should make it on the line with one another. "

This means that a potential U.S. national title with Kenny is celebrated the same way?

"Of course! And even in America with a good beer! "

If for already officially determine who will run in 2015 in the U.S. on the side of Ryan, the second 450cc factory KTM?

To find "a equivalent replacement for Kenny, is yes, at the moment not possible because there are only a small handful at the level anyway. But it will be Dean Wilson, who next year will definitely go to page Dungey "

Should Ken at Motocross of Nations go in Kegums end of September, it is still sitting on a KTM?

"Of this we go out, because his contract is still running even to the end of October and a German as Team World Champion on a KTM is something great and for us a very nice financial statements!"