Musquin, Langston, Karho, Blair on Pulpmx Show

July 28, 2014 4:25pm | by:

What a wacky weekend in Washougal! The Pulpmx Show presented by comes back in with hosts Steve Matthes and Tony Berluti discussing all the top topics from Washougal and in the process making you listen, laugh and learn about the sport of motocross. 

Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin had perhaps his finest performance since coming to America with dominating timed practice and then going 1-1 to win his first national of the year. Musquin has been getting better and better since a knee injury hurt him to start the year and we’ll have the Frenchman on the show to talk about his race.

The color analyst for NBC Sports motocross shows and former national and world champion Grant Langston will be on tonight to talk about the series so far and his thoughts on things as we get near the end of the series. We’ll also ask GL about why his buddies think he should be mad at us.

One of the more interesting stories in the 250 Class has been Estonia’s Erki Kahro. Coming out of nowhere, Kahro has been putting in some good riders here and there and we wanted to get to know him better. Tonight we’ll call him back home in his native land to get the scoop on him and his American racing dream.

Former privateer hero and former in-studio co-host,  Daniel Blair will be on the line with us to talk about his band, The Main Event, getting back together and he’ll tell us a bit about the upcoming shows.

Of course, Fly Racing’s own Jason Thomas will join us to bench race on the series and probably get into an argument or two along the way.

Got a question for the show? Tweet @pulpmxshow and our guy Devon will do his best to get it answered on the Gabb at Gibbs segment.

We’ll also answer the N-Fab Question of the Day as well as read off some Race Tech emails. Our hosts will be under the gun with the EKS Brand goggles Tear Off segment. 

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