MotoE Track Side Support at Loretta's

July 23, 2014 2:35pm | by:

MotoE ( will be fully staffed with MotoE elite coaches and ready to provide all riders & families track side support at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championships. Look for the new MotoE transporter and booth on vendor row next to the starting gate Monday thru Saturday. Coach Robb Beams, founder of MotoE, will be making an appearance on Thursday & Friday from noon-5pm to answer any questions about nutrition, sports psychology, endurance, strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. Back again this year, Coach Robb will also review any Go Pro video or trackside videos of your racing to help you improve you’re racing results. If you would like to pre-book a complimentary 20 minute consultation with Coach Robb, please click here and provide your name and desired day and time. Please note, these consultations are on a first come, first served basis.

MotoE’s Performance Camps & Training Facilities

Stop by and learn about MotoE’s new Orlando Performance Facility opening September 1st. Additionally, Coach Robb has partnered with Ricky Carmichael to host unique training camps in 2015. Stop by and register for these limited (8-10 riders) camps so you can be informed when registration opens.

MotoE’s Giveaways

Each day, MotoE will be giving away MotoE branded T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, water bottles, hydration, and recovery powder along with Nutritionally Green Nutritional Bundles. All giveaways will be announced through Instagram (@CoachRobbBeams) three to five times per day, so make sure you start following him today!

MotoE’s Warm Up Area

MotoE’s transporter will be equipped with a pair of Concept 2 Rowers for riders to warm up on prior to racing throughout the week. Please stop by and schedule the time you need before your race to ensure that the Concept 2 Rowers are available throughout the week. MotoE’s hydration fluid will also be available in the warm up area so remember to bring your water bottle with you!

MotoE Recovery Center

Stop by and learn how to recover correctly by MotoE’s elite coaches – riders are eligible to spend 15 minutes in the most advanced recovery system available – NormaTec Recovery System. Riders will relax under fans and cooling vests while letting the NormaTec Recovery System reduce the swelling and muscle soreness from racing. During these 15 minutes of recovery, each rider will be provided cold recovery fluids as well as provided the opportunity to speak with a MotoE staff member about the benefits associated with proper recovery for optimum performance. Stop by the MotoE transporter to reserve your 15 minute sessions for the week [Note: reservations are on a first come basis].

MotoE Scouting for the 2015 MotoE Amateur Development Program

In addition to answering questions for riders and families, Coach Robb & staff will again be scouting riders for MotoE’s Amateur Development Program (Factory and Co-Factory teams) slated to begin in January 2015. This program is available to riders of all ages across all classes. Please stop by and learn about all of the unique sponsorship benefits & opportunities being offered by MotoE in 2015.  Bring your updated race resume to the MotoE booth and let us know why you should be selected to be a part of this unique motocross development program.

MotoE Hydration Stations

MotoE will be providing its hydration drink at various locations throughout the race venue. In addition to having the hydration drink at the MotoE transporter, you can find the hydration drink under the impound tent when you exit the track. This product was designed by Coach Robb with the hydration and electrolyte replacement needs of the racer to eliminate cramping and improve late moto endurance.