Leib Partners with Racer Army for Riding School

July 18, 2014 9:40am | by:

Racer Army has partnered with Michael Leib to offer Online Motocross Coaching. Racer Army coaching uses web-based tools such as webinars, VoIP, email, and video to allow Leib to coach students all over the world simply by using a computer or tablet. This program has already helped one of the top amateur racers, Jordan Jarvis, as she prepares to capture the National Championship in the girls class at Loretta Lynn's this year.

Currently Leib is offering two programs. The first program is private coaching which uses a combination of webinars, email, and even phone calls so that Leib can coach and mentor an up-and-coming rider. This program is custom tailored to each rider to help them reach their short and long term racing goals. Leib will help them with riding technique, racing performance, mental training, and he will even coach parents to help them better support their child with racing.

The second program is an online boot camp which is a group motocross class taught weekly via a live webinar. During the boot camp, Leib will review video of riders and he will explain what they are doing right or wrong to help the group learn proper technique. Riders can even send Racer Army their own videos and Leib will review them during the call and give direct feedback and advice. The first boot camp class is kicking off July 23 and riders interested in attending can signup at http://racerarmy.com/events.

Please contact Racer Army or Michael Leib for more information.

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