Wolfgang Srb Named FIM Europe President

July 7, 2014 12:15pm | by:

FUNCHAL (Portugal) - The 20th FIM Europe Congress held at the Sheraton Hotel in Crakow was the occasion for the election of the new FIM Europe President. Two were the candidates for the leadership of the Continental Union that groups 47 Federations: Wolfgang Glas from Germany and Wolfgang Srb from Austria. With a large majority, it was Wolfgang Srb to be elected: 63 votes against 12. The Congress counted the largest number of Federations ever present, with 43 FMNs out of 47, for a total of 76 disposable votes and a quorum of 39 (34 federations had 2 votes, 8 federations disposed of 1 vote and one federation had no vote).  

During the Congress there was the election of 8 vice-presidents, too: Nina Birjukova, LaMSF-Latvia, Jean-Marc Desnues, FFM-France, Martin De Graaff, KNMV, The Netherlands, Juhani Halme, SML, Finland, Silvio Manicardi, FMI, Italy, Michal Sikora,PZM, Poland, Jan Stovicek ACCR, Czech Republic, Michel Turk, MUL, Luxembourg. Four judges and two auditors were also elected by acclamation.

Wolfgang Srb approached to the world of motorbikes in the early eighties as a Sporting Steward of the Austrian Federation. “One day Heinz Kinigadner (250cc Motocross World Champion 1984 + 1985) spoke in an interview about the fact that for the first time an Austrian was leading the Motocross World Championship, but the Federation did not send a Jury Member to the races to support him”, recalls Srb when asked about his first steps in motorsport. “To make a long story short: I was asked if I would be interested and I simply said yes. This is how it started.”

His main target is to strengthen the position of FIM Europe within the FIM family. “FIM Europe is not only the biggest Continental Union in terms of affiliated Federations, but also in terms of the biggest number of riders, licences, organisers and events,” Srb comments. “There is an urgent need for a bigger financial support from FIM for European projects. There are plenty of ideas in Europe and we simply want a fair share of the subventions, taking into account that we are the biggest and most active CONU. We need to give more help to developing Federations, who have financial problems. The financial crisis, that has hit the world as of 2008, is still not over.” 

Among his goal, the development and growth of the sport in all disciplines in close cooperation with FIM, Federations and promoters, especially for young riders. “A very good example is the European Motocross Championship, which is organised together with the Motocross World Championship at the same venue and on the same weekend,” says Srb. “We need more training camps for riders as well as national coaches and trainers. We need to find a solution for the European Road Racing Championship.  Another important field of activity is the motorcycle tourism,” Srb adds. “We must become more attractive for all these riders. We need to work in closer cooperation with FIM and other CONUs. In other words: FIM Europe needs to be more active and stronger, but at the same time the management has to work efficient and cost effective. We have to listen to the needs of our affiliated Federations and have to help and support them as much as we can.”

Wolfgang Srb as FIM Europe President will represent the 47 European Motorcycling Federations. “I'm not here to fulfil my personal things, I'm here to listen all the European Federations' needs and to bring their messages to the right people,” said Srb immediately after his election.