Injury Report: RedBud

Injury Report RedBud

July 3, 2014 4:00pm


Justin Barcia - Ankle, Foot
Comment: Barcia will miss the rest of the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Adam Enticknap – Knee
Comment: Enticknap tore his meniscus during practice at MetLife Stadium. He had surgery to repair the damage and is back riding. He will likely return to racing in July.

Wil Hahn – Cracked Skull, Broken Right Humerus and Broken Collarbone
Comment: After a bad crash in supercross, Hahn will miss a significant portion of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. He may be back for the final two rounds of the season. 

Davi Millsaps – Torn ACL, foot injury
Comment: Millsaps tore his ACL during the off-season at Milestone and had surgery in mid-December. He has had a hard time recovering from injuries and is not expected back until late in the year, if at all. 

Broc Tickle – T7 Vertebra
Comment: Tickle injured his T7 vertebra during practice in Toronto and underwent surgery. It is unknown if he will be able to race any Nationals late in the season or not. 

Jake Weimer is expected back by Budds Creek.
Jake Weimer is expected back by Budds Creek. Photo: Simon Cudby

Ryan Villopoto - Knee Injury
Comment: Villopoto will miss the entire Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship due to a knee injury suffered in Monster Energy Supercross. 

Jake Weimer – Slightly Separated Shoulder and Large Hematoma on Lower Back
Comment: Weimer crashed in the first moto at High Point and was forced to pull out for the day. He missed Muddy Creek and will also sit out at RedBud. He should be back on the gate at Budds Creek. 


Zach Bell – Shoulder
Comment: Bell crashed while practicing and bruised his shoulder. He will be racing RedBud.

Matt Bisceglia – Stretched Ligaments in Elbow
Comment: After missing Muddy Creek with an elbow injury, Bisceglia will be back in action at Red Bud.

Adam Cianciarulo – Injured Shoulder
Comment: Cianciarulo underwent surgery to repair his left shoulder that popped out of joint twice in Toronto. He’s since been cleared to start light training and cycling, but not to get back on the bike. A return has not been scheduled, and he may even miss the rest of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Matt Bisceglia returns after missing Muddy Creek.
Matt Bisceglia returns after missing Muddy Creek. Photo: Simon Cudby

Martin Davalos – Leg /Ankle Injury
Comment: Davalos suffered a big crash while practicing during supercross. He is recovering, but it’s too soon to schedule a return date.

Darryn Durham – Tibial Plateau Fracture
Comment: Durham crashed while practicing. In a recent interview with this website, Durham said his goal is to return for the last two or three Nationals.

Dean Ferris – Wrist Injury
Comment: Ferris sustained a wrist injury while practicing in Australia. He's now back on the bike and will be racing this weekend, but not at RedBud. Ferris is heading back to Europe and will race the Swedish GP aboard a Husqvarna. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll race any of the remaining rounds of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Justin Hill – Forearm Injury
Comment: Hill sustained a forearm injury in the first moto at Muddy Creek, which forced him to pull out for the day. The good news is that he seems to have it figured out and is in for RedBud.

Michael Leib - Ankle
Comment: Leib suffered a broken fibula and numerous ligament tears in his right ankle after San Diego. He recently re-injured the ankle, which will keep him out of a portion of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Shane McElrath – Hematoma
Comment: McElrath crashed during practice after Glen Helen and sustained a nasty hematoma on his lower back. He’s since had to have blood drained from his back multiple times and has yet to be cleared to ride by the doctor. His team says the earliest he’ll return will be Millville.

Zach Osborne – Injured Thumb
Comment: Osborne went down in the second moto at Glen Helen and injured his thumb. It ended up requiring surgery, and his team hopes he’ll be ready to go at Unadilla.