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DMXS Radio has been covering our beloved sport for over a decade and we’ve always had a true respect and reverence for the history of motocross and the true pioneers and riders that have paved the way. We’re proud to dedicate our show tonight to Todd Huffman’s latest epic creation, "PENTON: The John Penton Story," narrated by Lyle Lovett. This project was a passionate journey for Todd and the many contributors that never gave up until this American motocross icon’s story was finally told.

John Penton was one of the most influential men in the success and development of motocross during its genesis in the 1960s and ‘70s and we’re honored to recognize his contributions to racing that still reverberate even today. Please go to for more information about the film and look for a screening in your area.

Jack Penton made his own way on a motorcycle as an AMA Hall of Fame inductee for his legendary ISDT career. Jack was a producer on the film and will join us tonight for his unique perspective on his father’s contributions to our sport.

Larry Maiers was a defining voice and helped introduce our beloved sport to several generations of new fans. Larry was also in charge of Penton Imports during a pivotal time in the company and joins us for a walk down memory lane tonight.

Dave Despain witnessed just about every milestone in all forms of racing throughout his AMA Hall of Fame announcing career. We look forward to his thoughts and fond memories looking back on John’s legacy in racing.

Dick Burleson was an eight-time AMA National Enduro Champion and made his fame on Husqvarnas, but rode Pentons in his early years. He’ll let us know what it was like to be part of this great story of American success from the beginning.

Todd Huffman  is our motocross historic gatekeeper and is well-known and respected for his work on “The Motocross Files,” “The Legends of Supercross” and feature documentaries highlighting some of our sport’s defining moments. He is a dear friend of the show and we couldn’t be more proud of his latest contribution to his impressive list or work.

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