Fuel Problems: Anstie DQd from MXGP of Italy

May 30, 2014 12:50pm | by:

From the FIM:

The FIM carried out fuel tests during the FIM MXGP/MX2 Motocross World Championships round held in Arco di Trento (ITA) on 12 and 13 April, 2014.

Samples were taken from the following riders: Tim Gajser – Honda Gariboldi (MX2), Arnaud Tonus –Team CLS Kawasaki Monster Energy MX2 (MX2), Clement Desalle – Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MXGP (MXGP), Tyla Rattray - Red Bull IceOne Husqvarna Factory (MXGP) and Shaun Simpson - Hitachi Construction Machinery UK KTM (MXGP). All these were found to be in compliance with the physical properties for unleaded fuel, as stated in the 2014 FIM Technical Regulations for Motocross (Art. 63.01)

The samples of Max Anstie - Bike IT Yamaha Cosworth (MX2) were found to exceed the maximum limit of units % (V/V) for Olefins, and therefore to be not in conformity with the 2014 FIM Technical Regulations for Motocross (Art. 63.01). These samples were taken during the event (on 12/04, MX2 Qualifying Race and on 13/04/2014, MX2 Race 2).

In view of the fact that the results of the final expertise (“A” and “B” Samples) failed to meet the technical requirements, the Race Direction, composed of Messrs Patrick Rietjens, Ingo Partsch and Andrea Barbieri, took the decision to apply art. 5.34.5 (FIM MXGP/MX2, Women’s Motocross World Championships 2014). As a result, Max Anstie is disqualified from the whole event (Arco di Trento - IMN 202/04) and will forfeit all points earned from this MX2 event. The rider will also be liable for the reimbursement of the full costs of the test.

The rider did not lodge an appeal to the decision of the Race Direction. This decision is final.