Injury Report: Glen Helen

Injury Report Glen Helen

May 23, 2014 10:30am


Justin Brayton – Knee, Broken Foot, Broken Pinky and Broken Hand
Comment: Justin Brayton is still recovering from injuries suffered during supercross and will miss the first several rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Adam Enticknap – Knee
Comment: Enticknap tore his meniscus during practice at MetLife Stadium. He had surgery to repair the damage and will miss Glen Helen.

Matt Goerke – Broken Elbow
Comment: Goerke suffered a bad break in supercross. He’s back on the bike but will miss Glen Helen.

Wil Hahn – Cracked Skull, Broken Right Humerus and Broken Collarbone
Comment: After a bad crash in supercross Hahn will miss a significant portion of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. He will be evaluated when the time comes, but there’s a chance he could be back as early as late June, according to his team.

Davi Millsaps – Torn ACL
Comment: Millsaps tore his ACL during the off-season at Milestone and had surgery in mid-December. He was aiming to be back for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross but is struggling to overcome a previous injury. He is expected to return at round five in Tennessee.

Davi Millsaps hopes to be back by round 5.
Davi Millsaps hopes to be back by round 5. Photo: Simon Cudby

Fredrik Noren – Broken Finger
Comment: After recovering from a broken wrist, Noren broke his left middle finger. It’s not going to stop him from racing Glen Helen though. He had surgery on it two weeks ago and in his own words, “will be racing Glen Helen. I just have to keep it covered and wear snazzy hand guards to keep the roost from hitting it.”

Chad Reed – Scapula, Collarbone and T1 Vertebra
Comment: Reed went down hard on the final lap in San Diego. Will make his return to professional racing at Glen Helen.

Shane Sewell – Broken Foot
Comment: Shane Sewell broke his foot at Anaheim 1 during the second 450SX heat. He’ll be back at it for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross.

Ivan Tedesco – Broken Finger and General Soreness
Comment: Tedesco, who was already racing with a broken finger, had a huge crash in Toronto that left him pretty banged up. He will be back racing at Glen Helen as a fill-in rider for Broc Tickle with RCH Soaring Eagle Suzuki.

Eli Tomac – Broken Collarbone
Comment: Tomac broke his collarbone the week before Las Vegas and is not expected back until late June.

Broc Tickle – T7 Vertebra
Comment: Tickle injured his T7 vertebra during practice in Toronto and underwent surgery. It is unknown if he will be able to race any Nationals late in the season or not. Our own Jason Weigandt conducted this revealing interview at MetLife Stadium.

Ryan Villopoto - Knee Injury
Comment: Ryan Villopoto will miss the entire Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championshp due to a knee injury suffered in Monster Energy Supercross.

Ivan Tedesco returns with RCH Soaring Eagle Suzuki. 
Ivan Tedesco returns with RCH Soaring Eagle Suzuki.  Photo: Simon Cudby


Blake Baggett – Face Gash
Comment: Baggett took a rock to the face a while back while practicing at Glen Helen. His vision was obstructed, and as a result he missed several supercross races. He’ll be back racing at Glen Helen and will be using eye drops to help with his vision.

Zach Bell – Broken Collarbone
Comment: Bell broke his collarbone in Phoenix. He will return to action at Glen Helen.

Adam Cianciarulo – Injured Shoulder
Comment: Cianciarulo underwent surgery to repair his left shoulder that popped out of joint twice in Toronto. He’s expected back at some point, but an exact return date has not been set.

Martin Davalos – Leg /Ankle Injury
Comment: Davalos suffered a big crash while practicing during supercross. He’s out for Glen Helen, and an official return date has yet to be set.

Zach Bell will be in action for the first time since Phoenix at Glen Helen. 
Zach Bell will be in action for the first time since Phoenix at Glen Helen.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Darryn Durham – Tibial Plateau Fracture
Comment: Durham crashed while practicing and will miss Glen Helen. A return date has not yet been set.

Dean Ferris – Wrist Injury
Comment: Ferris sustained a wrist injury while practicing in Australia. He is expected to start riding again next week and hopes to be back early in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Brady Kiesel – Broken Jaw
Comment: Kiesel broke his jaw in two places in Arlington. Complications with teeth that were broken to the root followed, requiring root canals and crowns. He will return for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Cole Martinez – Broken Wrist
Comment: Martinez broke his wrist at A3. He had surgery and plans on being ready for Glen Helen.

Marvin Musquin – Torn ACL
Comment: Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin suffered a torn ACL in early December and underwent surgery in his home country of France. He will return to racing at Glen Helen.

Kyle Peters – Shoulder
Comment: Peters dislocated his shoulder in the main in Toronto. He has undergone surgery and plans on racing Glen Helen.

Anthony Rodriguez – Broken Collarbone
Comment: Rodriguez broke his collarbone when he crashed during the main in Atlanta and underwent surgery. He’ll be back racing at Glen Helen.

Marvin Musquin will make his 2014 debut this weekend. 
Marvin Musquin will make his 2014 debut this weekend.  Photo: Simon Cudby

Joey Savatgy – Extreme Soreness
Comment: After overcoming a broken wrist, AC separation, broken ribs and partially collapsed lungs, Savatgy crashed last week and will be forced to sit out the opener with extreme soreness. His team expects him to be back for round two at Hangtown.

Blake Wharton - Knee
Comment: Wharton’s knee did not heal up in time for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. He will spend the summer rehabbing his knee and racing AMA Supermoto.

Ryan Zimmer - Broken L 1,2,3 and 4
Comment: Zimmer crashed hard in St. Louis, but fortunately does not require surgery. He’s recovered, but is going to spend the summer working and get back to professional racing in supercross.